Tank´s last breed...Focke-Wulf Ta152H-0, 11./JG301

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Built over 6 years ago. kit, built oob, even used the microskopic PE Parts for the tiny external canopy locking lugs.
Gunze Acrylics for camo, Gunze and Tamiya clear flat for finish, EZ Line for antenna wire.
Decals partly used from the kit, some came from the spares box. The RV band and the yellow bar are painted.
Used Hitchcock´s book on the Ta152 as main reference.

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  1. Great looking 152

  2. Beautifully finished and weathered as always. Such masterfully consistent work!

  3. Beautifully made, the soft mottling is quite accurate imo , faithfully reproducing those applied on some (if not all) of the Ta152. Been ages I have the Italeri rebox stashed, along with a great decal sheet...your model gives me inspiration for sure

  4. Great TA, Reinhard! Another Spreitzhofer masterpiece!
    Impressions regarding the Dragon kit?

    • Thanks Spiros! Back then I didn´t do WIP pics and threads, so I can´t really tell. But I think it was like all other Dragon 190ies, some minor fit issues but all in all not a bad kit.
      Also can´t tell how it compares to the new Zoukei-Mura kit. Maybe my dad should build one...:-D

  5. Beautiful build, Reinhard.
    Another gem from your hands.
    Details are outstanding as well as the paintwork and weathering.

  6. Great paintwork on this one.

  7. Beautiful work, Reinhard!

  8. Reinhard, @grimreaper
    This is a masterpiece showing one of the best aircraft that was used during the War. Your Dad has done an exceptionally super job with building and painting on this one. I have a 1/48 scale Italeri Focke Wulf Ta-152 H-1 and I plan to build it soon as part of the upcoming "Luftwaffe" group build. I will be using this article as a guide for painting the H-1 I have.

    You know I had to press the "liked" button on this on ! These photographs really show off the beauty of this plane. Your Dad and you make a great team. Unstoppable ! Keep them coming my friend. 🙂

  9. Lovely result on this old Dragon kit.Great work.
    I have a big stack of them and they have yet to take thier place in mod elling hall of fame.

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