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May 1, 2021 · in Aviation · · 20 · 2.3K

Hello to all!

Jim Sullivan, a friend of many years, suggested that I join the group, so here I am! I've seen some great things on these electronic pages and hope I can make a contribution; this is my trial run. The model is 's now-prehistoric Me109G-10/U4 marked as an aircraft from II/ as illustrated in the JAPO title on the type. Paint is a combination of Mr Color and ModelMaster, while the decals are a hodge-podge from all over the place. There's a tiny bit of artwork under the cockpit as well; a stick figure of a man taking a whiz, which was done with enamel on clear decal stock. Belts and harnesses are from Eduard, while the antennae are monofilament.

The real airplane was an anomaly in that the port wing was evidently painted in a single dark color overall, while the starboard unit was in the more normal late-War dark green and grey-violet. To further complicate the matter the crosses on the upper wings were located asymmetrically, which gave things a distinctly unbalanced appearance. Finally, the real airplane was one that II JG 52 had acquired from JG 53 and still carried their famous Pik As emblem on the nose, although it had been over-painted when the airframe was received by JG 52.

All in all it was a fun project for me and I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for viewing!


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  1. Nice build - and with a very vell designed choise of color it is a very interesting one. Welcome aboard this very friendly forum.

  2. Welcome, Phillip! Nice work. I think those Hasegawa 109s are still fine kits. If you have them in the stash, build ‘em.

  3. I can see why you picked this scheme, very interesting. Nice all round. More pitchers would be good. Welcome to iMod.

  4. What a great entry, Phillip @phillipfriddell
    Beautiful scheme and perfectly applied.
    Welcome to this great community.
    Definitely like to see more of your builds.

  5. Thanks very much, guys! I build quite a bit but rarely publish pictures of anything in plastic so it's definitely nice to have a user-friendly forum available. I've been dropping in from time to time and have always been impressed by the level of work displayed, plus the friendly approach the site has to our hobby. I think I'm going to like it here!


  6. Very nice 109, Phillip. Fine painting and decal work and clear attention to detail. Welcome to iModeler!

  7. Moar pictures! Please!

    Very interesting "odd-ball."

  8. This is an amazing build, Phillip! Love this one-off plane.
    Welcome aboard!

  9. Welcome aboard Phil and thanks for sharing your fine Me109 build. I often see your models on your excellent RIS (Replica In Scale) blog. Really good to see you joining the fine modelers here.

  10. Welcome to the forum. A very sharp looking 109. Looking forward to seeing more of your work...with more photos please. I love odd-balls

  11. Great introduction, Phillip! I hope you’ll be very happy here. The social part is as much-loved as the scale modelling! And did you hear there is a Luftwaffe group build just starting? A great way to ‘meet’ some of the ‘legends’ who transform
    plastic here.

    Your 109 is excellent! Here’s looking forward to many more high quality builds!

  12. Welcome Phillip, and that's a fine looking 109. Glad that Jim Sullivan got you to join, he's a true gentleman and he provided me with some historical information on a recent Corsair build.

  13. Welcome to a great modeling site (...from another newbie). That is a great build! Pls send us more pix of your efforts.

  14. Welcome to iModeler, Phillip, you've made a great job on this unusual 109, definitely liked, but more pictures wouldn't go amiss.

  15. Great one! Welcome to the site, Phil!

  16. Welcome to site. Great choice of colour scheme and very tidy build.

  17. Thanks for all the kind comments, guys---your kindness is appreciated. Tom, I've gone back and appended a couple of other photos of the model to the original entry. Two of them are in-process shots and aren't that pretty (my modeling area is what you might call "well-seasoned") but they show a little more of the airplane.

    I think I'm going to like it here!

  18. G'day Phillip (@phillipfriddell),
    A very good build and i love the mixed scheme.
    The difference in upper wing crosses indicate that the port wing came from Erla (a smaller cross, further outboard) while the aircraft itself was probably manufactured by WNF.
    It is a testament to the Messerschmitt design that a wing from one factory could be retrofitted to a different factory's aircraft.

    • That makes sense, Michael. The Japo pub that provided the scheme had photographs and detailed drawings of the airplane but made no mention at all of Erla production (or at least I don't think it did) and it never occurred to me that the reason for the difference in the insignia location was probably because of that! Picture Homer Simpson slapping his forehead and letting out his classic "DOH!" as the notion sunk in! Thanks very much for the clarification!


  19. Very nice introduction of yourself to iModeler! Love the subject you selected, and you produced a great-looking model. Welcome, and well done.

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