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Older military theme builds

May 7, 2021 · in Armor · · 14 · 1.9K

Here are thress scale models that I have built. The Stryker ATGM and the LAV III were heavily modified and scratch built using the Trumper Styker kits as the basis. At the time I built them, there were no kit availble of these variants. I think I built these 2007/8. But 1-2 years after, they released kits and mods before developing kits of these models. So, I had only photos as my reference souce. I also built the Stryker MC(mortar Carrier) variant, not shown here. The pickup was an inspiration from a reference photo I found on the net.

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  1. All beautiful builds, Charles. I especially like the Stryker, but this is just personal taste. I have the TOW firing version of the Stryker from AFV Club as well as the straight infantry carrier. Your posting makes me want to get back to building them. That's a magnificent job you did on the stowage, which is a real eye catcher on the Stryker. You seem to have a really good idea of exactly how that should look from seeing real vehicles. The weathering on all the vehicles is also really nice. What are your techniques/materials, if you don't mind me asking?

    I sometimes think of doing the Stryker with the slat armor but I don't like to obscure the nice lines of the vehicle. Other modelers would seem to agree as I don't see many built that way.

    • Colin, I kinda look at many reference photos of all types of vriants. I agree on the not buiding the Slat armor version. First of all, too much work, but most of all, it ruins the lineage of the vehicle, like you wrote. :

  2. Superb work as usual!

  3. Yes, the "Charles King touch" on display. Up to the usual standards of excellence.

  4. I can see where you learned your weathering skills.

  5. Superb work Charles.

  6. They look great, Charles. I really like that Stryker.

  7. They are all amazing, my friend @tiking!
    Your modifications, stowage and, of course, weathering are fantastically executed.

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