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1/48 Revell F/A-18E

December 15, 2021 · in Aviation · · 14 · 1.4K

This model kit is a curious blend of really nice and rather awful. Fit in some areas was pretty bad, requiring a goodish amount of filler and sanding. The cockpit detail is very weak, hence closed canopy and the molding is somwhat soft. The underwing stores are poorly rendered to the point of unusable.

That being said, the kit had recessed panel lines, a decent decal sheet, is molded from a softer plastic that's much easier to work with than the glass hard stuff usually uses, and best of all it left the LHS with me for about $22. At that rate I could ruin these all day and not feel overly bad about it.

The missiles are from one of 's weapons sets and the AGM-84's were added on a whim to make it a ship killer. The model was finished in Tammy Dark Sea Grey and Sky Grey and washed in Flory's black. I hosed it down with Model Masters flat clear acrylic to seal it all up, and it looks like I forgot the little natural metal patch in front of the cockpit.

Easily fixed.

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  1. That's a very nice-looking Hornet - well done!

  2. Nicely done, Mark! I built that kit last year (posted here), and you are spot on in your assessment. An odd mix of good and bad in some weird ways. Glad the box decals worked out for you, as the results look excellent. Love the added stores too!

  3. Fine job! I have one on my bench that's around 50% complete. Seeing yours makes me want to finish mine.

  4. @markh, That turned out quite nicely Mark! ? And it's good to see one done so well as I bought that kit off a consignment table at a hobby shop a few years ago. The price was fair as I recall but it's sitting in the stash now. I've enjoyed looking over this one a lot! Great job! ?

  5. A VERY beautiful Hornet, Mark!

  6. A mean looking Hornet, Mark @markh
    Beautiful result.

  7. Thank you gents

    Andy yours turned out quite well, you paid more attention to it than I did mine
    Mike I can understand, there was more than one time I had to stiffen my spine to grind this one out
    Gary the worst part of this is filling and sanding the underside, especially around the intakes where I had to take off up to .20" or so in spots to get surfaces to match up. The front of the fuselage assembly is janky to join up to the rest of the model as well, and there were a couple of places where I ended up using a double cut mill bastard file to even things out.

    I came at this one with a "Gonna be good practice so I really don't care" attitude that, much to my surprise, seemed to serve me fairly well. Perhaps I should keep this in mind for future builds

  8. "Some skill required." Having gotten through this one with great results, I'd say you are good to go for whatever comes next.

  9. Nice work on this. That kit was a step backwards from Revell’s F-15E. That said, it can be built into a nice model as you’ve demonstrated.

  10. I built this when it was first released, and I remember the fuselage forward of the LEX being 9 pieces, and not understanding the logic of this engineering. Still built up into a nice Hornet, and you did wonders with it. Congratulations!

  11. nice job on that jet build - it looks superb and I can't see any problem areas on your build!

  12. Thank you gents your comments are all inspiring

  13. Very very nicely built @markh - love the work.

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