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Summer of ’44

April 17, 2019 · in Aviation · · 11 Comments

Hello everyone - not posted here for the longest time, been building almost exclusively 1:24 cars recently, and I will get around to showing them to you, but this is my very latest:

This version of the superb kit came out in 1999, twenty years old and as fresh as if it was issued yesterday. Mostly it falls together (the rockets & rails are a bit of a chore), and from opening the box to Friday mornings' photo session took just a month. Not too much more to say other than it was the first time using the recent Tamiya WWII RAF colours, not too sure about them, still prefer the Jurassic era WEM enamels to be truthful, however they may grow on me.

Thanks for taking the time to look and as ever all comments, criticisms and questions are very welcome. Have a great Easter everyone - best from NZ.


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11 responses

  1. Great looking Tiffie, the paint looks spot on if you ask me. Overall a solid build there Ian! Just one question though, does your model depict the one profiled in the photo? Because it seems that one has a 4 blade propeller

    • Pedro
      I found that photo AFTER I finished the build...

      I'm not worried tho', it's a hobby, not brain-surgery and I can totally live-with-it. Well spotted, sir.

  2. Stunning build, Ian...I love it ! Nice work, sir.

  3. Nicely done Ian, did you use the kits decals? I've always had some issues with Hasegawa decals in the past, especially their interpretation of white. Your's look great.

  4. Tamiya put a lot of effort into those RAF colors. They match the Xtracrylix colors, which are my standard of judgement for paint color. Plus, they don't take for-bloody-ever to cure, unlike oil-base enamels.

    Nice work on this Tiffie.

  5. Great looking Typhoon!

  6. Ian,

    Your, Tiffie is really a testimony to the art of painting a kit. It is smart, tight and is nothing short of being professional. Definitely, a "Goldilocks" build worthy of being a strong candidate for "Model of the Month".

    Two thumbs up on this one.

  7. Beautiful build!

  8. She looks great! Love the weathering. Well done.

  9. Thanks everyone. Really appreciate the feedback.

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