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Monogram 1/48 TBD-1 Devastator – USS Enterprise

June 5, 2021 · in Aviation · · 42 · 2.5K

This build has been a long time in coming!

A few years ago now Louis Gardner @lgardner organised a Group Build to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Midway.

This build was to be my main contribution to that group build, however life had other plans that year, and it has taken quite a while for me to get back into the right frame of mind to complete, and post this project.

I decided to depict a from USS Enterprise during the raid on Wake Island at the end of February 1942, sporting the large and colourful markings and inspired by the photographs of the time.

I used Lifecolour paints for the main colours, Tamiya paints for the Insignia and Humbrol for everything else. This was my first use of Montex Masks for the insignia. I did of course then wonder why I had chosen an aircraft with corrugated wings!

My build log is here :

I got a lot of help from Louis, who build a super 'yellow wings' version of this kit, and really blazed a trail for us all - his build log is here :

Thank you for looking.

Happy modelling!

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  1. What an amazing result, David!
    This is one fine looking Devastator!
    Your build thread, that I had the pleasure to follow from some point and onwards, was amazing too.

  2. Brilliant David, well worth the wait! And the insignia on the corrugations look spot on!

    • Thank you Paul @yellowten !
      The masks took a little bit of getting used to but they gave a nice result - I think the fuselage ones are better - but they were done after the wings - and having had a little more practice!
      Montex mask on the canopy also - vital equipment for a Devastator!

  3. Gorgeous work David! This is exactly what I want to do with one of my Monogram Devastators! This is making me want to dig it out of the stash right now, but I have too many on the bench at the moment. I still might- you know how it goes with us modellers! 😉

  4. Great work, David! That’s still one of my favorite kits. You really did it justice. The masks worked well.

  5. Thank you John @j-healy - I was pleased with how the masks worked out - they were certainly worth the effort!

  6. Yours is one of the nicest builds I’ve seen yet of this classic vintage Monogram TBD. You really nailed it dealing with those corrugated leading edge seams and getting the decals to settle down. Beyond well done David!

  7. A classic kit, very well-done. ALL good.

  8. Great job on this oldie David!

  9. Everything about this model is as close to perfect as anyone gets. The decal work is superb, particularly since it's one of the things many people fail on when they attempt this kit.

    This old kit still stands the test of time.

  10. Splendid David . The navy Blue or Grey looks super nice.

  11. Nicely done David and it was worth the wait. I assume you choose this date to post which coincides with the 79th Anniversary of the battle, which is an excellent choice.

  12. You turned it into a real gem, David.
    It did take some time but the result was really worth the wait.
    Well done.

    • Thank you John @johnnb - its terrifying to think how the time has rolled by - it only seems the other day - although my grandchildren tell me otherwise.
      I better start thinking about what I am going to build for the 80th !

  13. This plane looks terrific, David (@davem). I just finished watching both older movie on the Battle of Midway, as well as the most recent Midway movie, so this is a great accompaniment to the flicks. Corrugated surfaces can be tough. I just got a 1/48 Revell Ju-52, and I have the same hill to climb. Cheers.

  14. Great results after a long and winding road, great job!

  15. This is a beautiful rendition of the Monogram kit! I have the Great Wall Hobby kit and want to do the Wake Island raid with a bomb load instead of torpedoes - hadn't thought about getting those wing stars to come out looking good! I sure with the Navy (or someone) would salvage a Devastator so we could have a real one to look at...

  16. Really great when someone makes an old Monogram kit shine.

  17. David,
    You built a fantastic TBD ! I also appreciate the compliments you gave me on mine. The color scheme that you have done on your Devastator looks magnificent. Next to the “yellow wings” paint scheme this is my other choice for the Devastator.

    I have been watching your build journal for updates, and I’m quite pleased that you have continued progress with this model and how you didn’t give up.

    I know that life can give you some surprises that sometimes you don’t see coming. I have been absent from my regular posting here for the last two weeks or so, because we have been dealing with a problem of our own. My stepson is a diabetic, and he struggles with alcoholism on top of that. He recently had his lower leg amputated, and now he is going blind. One eye is gone, and the other one is catching up to the one that is blind. One thing that we just learned is that your eyes can suffer from the effects of alcohol abuse that happened up to 10 years ago. I have a gut feeling that he will be blind soon because of this.

    Diabetes is a horrible disease and until he can quit drinking, things are not going to get any better for him.

    David, I am so happy that you have persevered and you didn’t give up on this model. It looks really good ! Once again thanks for the compliments too.

    Stay safe and take care.

    • Thank you Louis @lgardner, your enthusiasm and encouragement is always appreciated.
      Best wishes to you and the family during this trying time.
      Any compliments on my part were thoroughly deserved!
      Take care!

  18. Fantastic work on this! Liked.

  19. Devastatingly beautiful !

  20. I really like that! The paint work looks very nice - just a beautiful model!

  21. Hello David,
    Just finished your WIP and the article above. Very interesting, what you made of this old Monogram model. My compliments.
    Question: The baseplate. The coloring is spot on. But what did you use in material and paints to get it so darn good.
    Regards, Dirk / The Netherlands.

    • Thank you Dirk @orion for your kind words!
      The only credit I can take for the base - is for choosing it!
      It is from coastal kits and is their 'WW2 US Carrier Deck'.
      I have a selection for displaying my models when the club goes to models shows - hopefully not too far away now.
      Best wishes

      1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  22. Hello David,
    Thanks for your quick response. Going to check it out ASAP.
    Highest Regards, Dirk

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