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June 25, 2021 · in Aviation · · 27 · 4.6K

The model captures the shapes of the plane well..pity thats as for the Sunderland model the paneling lines are exaggerated in width and depth,more suitable for 1/24 scale ,model that endorses scale .
What forced me to do an additional job of reducing and re- engraving the entire paneling.
Too Bad ITALERI,a missed opportunity

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  1. Spectacular job, Valter!
    Lost of words...

  2. Stunning detail, must have taken you a fair number of hours to sort out. Nice to see an often overlooked aircraft built with some effort.

  3. Not a missed opportunity by you Valter, this is the most “unbuttoned” Sterling I’ve seen

  4. Remarkable build.

  5. Wow indeed. Those interiors must have taken quite some time.

  6. Eye popping detail! Great job. I really, really like the wet tarmac effect being used as a mirror...nice artistic touch.

  7. Well done, Walter! That’s a tremendous amount of detail that you added.

  8. EXCELLENT, WOW, PERFECT, that's the only words coming to my mind while watching you model. VERY VERY VERY x10 e1000000 Nice. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Amazing detailing. Very nice.

  10. Oh my @zagorten27! That is amazing work Valter! My flabber has been gasted and my gob's been smacked by that incredible detailing. It's just wonderful work on a 1/72 scale model; well, on any scale actually! My hat's off to you! 🙂

  11. Very impressive work. How many hours were put into this model?

  12. Wow! At a contest, that's what you call a crowd-magnet.

  13. This model departs from craft into full-on art. Amazing work.

  14. Too bad Italeri !
    Wonderful Walter - a superb build - and great to see a Sterling as the subject!

  15. Holy mackerel! That's a real beaut! I recently got rid of all my larger 1/72 aircraft (like all the heavies), and the Stirling is the one kit I wish I'd kept - I've always been intrigued by its lines. I had the old Airfix kit. You really put some detail and weathering work into this to make it a show-stopper.

  16. Great modeling! Well done!

  17. A "Slam Dunk" or "Model of the Month" followed by the "Peoples Choice award" or just plain "Gold" for adjectives.

    Hitting " I like this" and Two thumbs up Valter.

  18. Very spectacular build, Valter.
    Unbelievable nice detailing and opened panels.
    Very much "Liked"

  19. Really outstanding. Well done.

  20. Astonishing. Congratulations.

  21. Totally magnificent!

  22. Well I just had to continue and pile on the heaps of praise for a true masterpiece! It really is a stunning piece of modeling work, and really belongs in a museum. Your kit demonstrates what the aircraft looks like, plus with all the open panels and give a real indication of the workings of the aircraft. Really a beautiful job!

  23. I'll echo all the comments above - a masterful piece of building and painting!

  24. One word: awesome!

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