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HobbyBoss 1/48 A-10 Thunderbolt II

July 31, 2021 · in Aviation · · 30 · 2.8K

This is my recent project. A very nice kit, without any issues, except for the clear parts for the Maverick missiles; they just don't fit into their places.
Used Eduard canopy masks and PE for the cockpit, and metal pitot tube/cannon. Only thing I'd change would be the rubber tires. I mean, they're ok, but if they had resin, for instance, those would take a better weathering.

Decals were also good.
Hope you enjoy.


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  1. Very nice looking 'Hog, with a great loadout. I love the paint work most especially.

  2. A really superb job George. Weathering & paint especially. Top marks!

  3. A superb build, George.
    Especially the painting and weathering is fantastic.
    Very nicely done.

  4. Excellent build, George!
    Love the chosen scheme!

  5. Form follows function. What a beast George. I like the painting and the detail paid attention to the load out. The colors on the missiles and the center line tank being white add interest to your build. This is one kit that is just as interesting upside down as it is right side up.

    The A-10 was built around its Gatling gun and was built for survivability while flying in the weeds. Its more of a Gun Slinger set to fight at the Ok Corral down and dirty than any other aircraft in the inventory.

    Two thumbs up.

  6. Beautiful job, looks great, nice touch with the open fueling access door.

  7. Wonderful build, George, with a superb finish. And you've got that bad boy weaponized to do some serious damage. Great work.

  8. Great build and great paint job. One small "technical" issue though. The tail markings (black/white checkerboard) depict an A-10 from the 75 TFS, while the name on the placard by the canopy rail is that of the commander of the 76 TFS. match the name, the tail markings should be solid red (76 TFS colors). I know this because I am a retired A-10 pilot and I was there at the time as a member of the 23 TFW...the parent unit of both squadrons. Once again...nice job.

    • Thank you!
      I confess I didn't go deep enough in my references and I've followed the kit instructions, or at least, I think I did, 'cause I may have misread them. But, again, it's always nice to have a professional opinion.

  9. A modern day mini- Flying Fortress.
    I love the lizard camo, and great job with the ordnance. Impressive work George!

  10. I love the A-10, I think it is one of the best yet under appreciated aircraft that the USAF has in its arsenal. You did a great job on this kit, your paint work is stellar, really looking worn but still maintained. Great work on the stores, quite an impressive load!

  11. This has always been my favorite color scheme for the A-10. Yours looks just right! Not too clean, not too beat up! They used to come up to Oshkosh from Truax in Madison once a month and do T&Gs at Wittman until they transitioned into F-16s. I'm in the middle of doing Monogram's and really wish I could find some Bucky Badger decals for mine!

  12. Nice job on the entire build. This airplane is pretty loaded and it looks great!

  13. Really good looking plane made especially attractive in this colour scheme and weapons load out, definitely liked.

  14. Beautiful paint and weathering work on this! Looks fantastic.

  15. Wow George, what a fantastic Job on this, huge inspiration for when I do mine, love the paint and weathering as almost everyone has said and what a weapons load out, ready for action.

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