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Mach 2 1/72nd scale DC-8-50 'Delta Airlines'

July 20, 2021 · in Aviation · · 19 · 3.5K

Afternoon all,
Here is the 1/72nd -50 that rolled off the production line this very afternoon. Released at the end of last year, I was really keen to get my hands on one of these kits as I love the DC-8 and this is the first injection-moulded kit in 1/72nd scale of an important piece of civil aviation history.

Unfortunately Mach 2 kits don't come with the best reputation, but I'd never built one before so threw caution to the wind. I'm used to dealing with 'difficult' kits and I'm pleased to say this one didn't pose too many problems at all - it is just like you'd expect from a short-run injection moulded kit. I thought it might be useful for fellow builders to have a quick summary of my findings below:

Typical short-run kit with no locating tabs and plenty of flash on the smaller parts;
I found that the right stabiliser was 3mm too high on the starboard side and needed lowering - a quick an easy fix;
The engine pylons were too deep on my example and the inboard engines almost touched the ground - 3mm was removed from each pylon and now the nacelles sit at the correct height;
Transparencies needed a lot of work to get them clear;
Fit was a bit dodgy in places, and don't expect to build this kit without the use of fillers.

Panel detail appears accurate and well moulded;
Shapes seem pretty good to my eye;
Nicely detailed landing gear;
Overall the build was fairly painless and it went together well;
Nicely detailed flightdeck area;
Engines are nicely done and look the part once assembled;
Plastic is nice and thick and there's no need to additional interior bracing or the like;
It's a 1/72nd scale injection-moulded DC-8!

I used Halfords' automotive paints and has a custom set of decals printed by 8A decals to complete the build. All in all I really enjoyed this model and am pleased to finally have a decent DC-8 in my civvie collection.

All the best,

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  1. Having recently built a Mach2 kit I think you pulled off a huge win with this build! Especially with NMF/White, which shows all flaws... Well done!

  2. Beautifully done! I like the look of the DC-8 also. I was on a charter Braniff DC-8 charter flight many years ago.

  3. I love this one, Thomas! The DC-8 is my favorite airliner. I got to fly on United’s many times between Chicago and Sacramento as a kid. I’ve read reviews of that Mach 2 kit and the individual windows look like a nightmare. I know that you put a ton of work into this. Well done!

  4. Amazing work on this challenging kit, Thomas!
    What a great result!

  5. An exceptional result, Thomas.
    Looks great.

  6. Only Thomas Probert would say a Mach 2 kit was "easy." In your hands, it is! As to the rest of us mere mortals...

    I also remember flying on United's DC-8s back 50+ years ago. This is a really nice model, and I'll assume it's not small in 1/72.


    • I wouldn’t say it was easy, Tom, but I was no where near as bad as the stories I’d read about Mach 2 kits and it went together ok. It’s just your typical short run injection kit. Don’t believe the horror stories!

  7. Finishing a Mach 2 kit is a rare achievement, well done!

  8. Nice job on this build, this is a great looking DC-8.

  9. Just because it is not as bad as some other Mach2 kits doesn't mean us mere mortals could achieve the standard you did on this kit?. Very well done.

  10. Thank you for sharing this great build - especially your comment;

    no where near as bad as the stories I’d read about Mach 2 kits and it went together ok. It’s just your typical short run injection kit. Don’t believe the horror stories!

    I have a few MACH2 kits waiting including this one, so they may get goint one of these days! Mine might just be a SAS version, as my first flight to Greenland was in one. I like the decals you used a lot - fine window details!

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