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Pan Am Douglas DC-8-32 Clipper

The Revell kit has the wrong engine for a -32, but I still love this plane.

Mach 2 1/72nd scale DC-8-50 'Delta Airlines'

Afternoon all, Here is the Mach 2 1/72nd DC-8-50 that rolled off the production line this very afternoon. Released at the end of last year, I was really keen to get my hands on one of these kits as I love the DC-8 and this is the first [...]

Eastern Airlines DC-8

This is the 1/144 Minicraft DC-8-63 built straight from the box. This particular a/c, N8755, was the 503rd out of a total of 556 DC-8s built. It was delivered to Eastern on 14 December 1969. It was later operated as a freighter by [...]