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Test Trail Water Effects Using Toilet Paper

July 13, 2021 · in How-to · 24 · 2.7K

Test Trail Water Effects Using Toilet Paper:

Now, I am no way an expert, so what you see here is purely amateurish. Compared to some of the water effects I've seen by amazing artist, this cannot be compared. So go easy on me and perhaps some tips. Thank you.

I used a model kit that I bought second hand from someone at a model show. The container ship was used as a test subject.

Here is a test trail of my first ever, at modeling sea and waves. I am considering my first water diorama, and decided to do a test to see how I can achieve the results I wanted to get. I have seen many many videos on how different modelers go about getting the effects I have always wanted to get. Most were complicated, whilst others were not satisfactory enough.

But then, I came across one U-tuber who used a cheap and simple method that I decided that this would be the one to try out. The process has been around, as I have checked others,who have used this method, dating back to 2004. I guess it dates back even further but the results are stunning, none-the-less.
The method? Toilet paper! Yep! You read me right. Talk about cheap and easily available. This method is not also easy and readily available, but cheap too. I like stuff like this. The results are very satisfactory, at least in my eyes. Like I mention, this is my first trial and the results speak for themselves. I sculpted the ship diorama with toilet paper, and toke my time to create the waves.
I used Liquidtex Gel medium and Clear medium to accentuate the waves and to give the water some shine. I like the results so far but still need to do more test, until I get the right effect.

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  1. I think you're on to something, Charles. @tiking
    For a "first trial," it looks great!

  2. Every boat captain´s nightmare: to hit a floating container. You just added to that hundredfold 😉

    Looking good, real good! Like the anchor chain.

    Now you try another using aluminium foil as the wrinkle medium.

    Looking forward to C4 in Malmö? Might be the first show since the virus hit.

  3. Looks really nice. Well done and to try myself someday. Thanks for posting.

  4. Looking good, my friend Charles! Looking forward to it!

  5. Pretty. Darn. Convincing!

  6. Simple but very impressive results, Charles.

  7. Looks great, Charles.

  8. Looks convincing to me. Where's my float coat?

  9. For a first "at bat' it's a home run.

  10. May I make one suggestion? Your sea is too flat. You should gouge out some of the foam, flip the pieces and glue between the holes to create waves and get some height and depth.

  11. Looks excellent Charles. Would love to know more how you did it all. What base did you use.

    Great work.

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