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8 - Condor Focke Wulf FW-189

August 23, 2021 · in Aviation · · 26 · 1.8K

This was built for my first every group build. The theme was Winter Wonderland (had to be a military build), and when I saw this camo on here I really wanted to try it.

The idea, have this FW-189 bursting out of a storm cloud.

The build started and I really wanted to go all out so I added details into the cockpit that would never be seen again, I guess I have the photos to remind myself.

The kit built up really well bar a few misfits here and there.

One of the most tedious parts was masking the canopies, there are so many tiny window panes and its a scale so the pieces had to be cut so small.

Then the rest was built up and time for painting - first the camo, then time for those squiggles. I first drew them out in pencil so I had an idea of where I was going. Then for the squiggles I used an empty paint pen, mixed my paint and drew the lines on. What absolute fun.

The bottom of the kit got some serious weathering, I wanted it to look like it had just got out of a fight, and escaped through the storm cloud, so I added some oil marks using oil paints and some mud using Tamiya's weathering products.

Then it was built, but I wanted the storm, so out came the cushion filler, brass rod and glue. I moved it into position and hid the rods with the clouds, sprayed the clouds with some grey and added some lights to get the effect.

And then... I called it done.

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  1. Great work, Anthony. A beautiful model and really fun diorama pose coming up out of the clouds - I don't think I've seen that done before. I should also mention the convincing work on the underside weathering - very authentically grubby for a well-worked aircraft. I really like your execution of the Wellenmuster squiggles. May I ask what you mean by a "paint pen"? I've never used one before, but I really like your results.

    • Hi Colin

      Thanks so much, for the comments, so the pen is like one of those Molotow pens, except its empty, so you can add whatever paint you want into it. You get different sized nibs styles and sizes so you can use one that suits your purposes/scale.

      Here is a link to the one I used - I used the 0,8mm Technical nib.

      I have a video of how I did it but can't seem to upload videos here.

  2. Smart work, Anthony, and a really creative presentation... well done.



  3. Well done. No easy build, particularly in 1/72. All good.

  4. Smart idea with the paint pen. Looks good.

  5. Excellent model/diorama, Anthony!
    Kudos to your meticulous work all over!

  6. Really nice diorama, Anthony @anthonyricco
    Wonderful idea to use a pen for those tiny lines at 1/72

  7. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    A joy too watch Anthony !
    The camouflage work is just a eye catcher as too is the weathering.

  8. The model is great on its own, but I love the dramatic effect you've achieved with the cloud, definitely liked.

  9. Great work Anthony. Which paint pen did you get and where from?

  10. Really cool! I just bought a couple of Montana paint pens and nibs to try something similar, but I've been skittish to try it. Any tips you have for making the paint pens work well? The 189 came out looking great!

    • Oh nice Greg, yes I think they are pretty much the same. They are pretty easy, I practiced a bit on some plastic packaging lids to get a feel of it. I think the trick is to flow with them, thats why I drew my lines on first, then also if they start drying, don't pump them (press them down) on your work because it will leave a blot of paint, so I tried to stop or go off the edge, pump it and then carry on.

      Just mess around a bit though, they aren't really that hard to master once you get the hang of them.

      Good luck, post a pic when you use it.

  11. Came out great!

  12. Looks awesome, Anthony (@anthonyricco). You are obviously braver than I am, since I would never attempt a plane with all of those windows that need masking, especially in 1/72. What a really cool idea for painting the camo squiggles. I'm gonna need to remember that tip.

  13. Man, that's cool Anthony! Great tip on the fillable pen too! 🙂

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