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1/48 Fw189

4-5 years in the making. Finally completed 1/48 Great Wall Focke Wulf Fw189A-1 . Stab 1/NJG 100 based in Greifswald Iuty, 1945. I came back to it after years of having lost interest. Nice to have it done. Thanks for looking. Paul.

8 - Condor Focke Wulf FW-189

This was built for my first every group build. The theme was Winter Wonderland (had to be a military build), and when I saw this camo on here I really wanted to try it. The idea, have this FW-189 bursting out of a storm cloud. The build [...]

Fw 189A2 Finished At Last

I posted a week ago that I was close to finishing, The words of encouragement were much appreciated. I got the fiddly bits put on, I used the photoetch gunsights supplied with the kit. They were easier than I thought, but I really do [...]

Almost Done!

I can't believe that I posted pictures in August of last year telling how I was hoping to finish my first model in five years. Well I am so excited to be getting close to finishing, and I thought I would post last in progress pics. I [...]

Five Years and nothing Finished!!

I was just looking and realized that it has been more than 5 years since I have finished a model. It seems after I finished the last one, life took my family and I down a path that has been challenging and kept me away from the hobby. I [...]

Great Wall Hobby FW189 Eagle Owl

Another great kit. Flawless fit, beautifully detailed. I think I overdid the paintwork - I should have scaled down the colours, as I was planning to. I'll probably add a few more details with weathering powders, once the top coat of matt [...]

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1:48 GWH Focke Wulf Fw 189 A-2

Hi to all, this is my first post here, so be gentle 🙂 This build was done 2 years ago, mainly OOB with some scratchbuilding. In that period I was experimenting with using acrylic colors for wash, I was not satisfied with final effect at [...]

Bill Bosworth1/32 scratchbuilt Fw-189 "Uhu"

One of those "I think I'll take up stamp collecting after seeing this" models. 1/32 scratchbuilt Fw-189 "Uhu" in winter camouflage.