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F-86F RCAF ‘Hawk One’ Sabre – Hasegawa 1/72

August 3, 2021 · in Aviation · · 18 · 2.5K

Vintage Wings of Canada owned and operated RCAF 23314 Canadair 'Hawk One' from 2008-2018.
A few posts identify 23314 was originally a Sabre Mk.5 with the small upper wing fences to help counteract the deletion of the previous models leading edge slats; however, photos of the '2008-2018' Hawk One Sabre clearly show the aircraft has the leading edge slats and an extended wing.
This kit has the extended wings which is why it fit the bill, providing me with a quick and simple (not so) build.

The old Hasegawa 'A-17' kit is very basic and doesn't even have wheel wells, just gear doors and pieces which fit on the exterior of the model. I decided to sacrifice another hockey puck and make it an in-flight model.
Major misfit on the nose intake lead to some rhinoplasty work just to make it look symmetrical and lined up correctly. I also left the wing probe straight as molded.

This build will be for a cousin of mine, his son has a signed poster and book commemorating the 'Hawk One' Centennial Heritage Flight and was signed by the crew, including Canadian Astronaut Colonel Chris Hadfield who flew the Hawk One Sabre in multiple airshows throughout Canada.
I was able to get Colonel Hadfield to sign the base decal for me, which will make a good match with the signed poster.

The double shot shows this kit which was painted with Vallejo Air 71.066 Gold with a black primer along with my previous HobbyCraft HC1399 Mk.6 kit which was painted with Tamiya X-12 Gold Leaf on white primer base.
This build is a much deeper gold and might actually be the correct shade as the Tamiya paint seemed too light.
Bothe builds used Leading Edge Decals 72.01 which worked great once again.

Not a competitive build by any means, but a great looking birthday present!

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  1. Nice build George, they both look great! I had to look twice to make sure this was the old Hasegawa kit. And having the base signed by Colonel Hadfield will make this very special for your cousin’s son.

  2. The Canadair Sabre was truly a pilot's aircraft not to mention great looks.

  3. Another excellent build, my friend George!
    You have such amazing talent, bringing the best out of classic kits!

  4. Beautiful Sabre, George @georgeswork
    The Vallejo gold with black primer does indeed look better to my eyes as well.
    Your cousin's son will be very happy to receive this birthday gift.

  5. Both of them are great @georgeswork. I think the Golden Hawksare the best looking F-86 team of all.

  6. Lovely Sabre (and companion). And a great way to mount it!

  7. That gold is beautiful, definitely liked.

  8. Thanks for liking George (@chinesegeorge).
    The black primer sure does make a difference with the depth of colour.

  9. Always enjoy seeing the Golden Hawks Sabres. I hope your cousin's son enjoys it.

    Built a Kinetic 1/32 Sabre in those markings and also gave it away as a gift.

  10. Beautifully done!

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