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Revell, Rescue boat Hermann Marwede 1/200

August 9, 2021 · in Ships · · 14 · 2.4K

My second model.

A bit easy model to assemble and a lot of fun with it.

This time I diluted acrylic paint 😀

The only thing I didn't use is the modeling paste for gaps or putty. I noticed that some parts are not fitting properly so I forgot to use putty 🙁

The model itself contain very small speed boat to assemble as well and it is fitted at the very aft of the ship.

Not so many different colors to work with but I had some fun to make red shade of the hull of the ship.

A bit more experience now and detailing but I notice one of the decals started to detaches since I make this model 2 years ago...And also I notice that one decal is missing from the box, just under the bridge on the red part...

But overall, I can say it looks nice, and it took me around a week to finish it.

Usually It take me 2-3 weeks per model (depends), I'm trying to stretch the whole process so I can enjoy longer 🙂

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  1. @nidzicken, that's a fine looking ship model! Well done Nikola! 🙂

  2. A Ship Model ! How nice !
    I like what you did. Rescue boats are a class on their own.
    Good work Nikola.

  3. Nicely done Nikola!

  4. Very colorful ship… you did well painting those portholes and bridge windows… that must have taken some time to do those. Very interesting and uncommon subject. You done good..

    • Thank you!
      Yes, it took me quite some time to finish it...I remember I was doing few of them all over again because of some small mistakes...Just didn't know which color to put between black and blue, so I did with the black, I think looks better with that color...

  5. Great one as well, Nikola @nidzicken
    Looks like you start to love the life of a modeller.

  6. Great model, Nikola, and it is noticeable that your skills improve!

  7. Nice work, Nikola! I’ve seen that kit on the hobby shop shelf for years and always wondered what it looked like built. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks John!
      I was actually planning to by 1/72 same model but it would be just too big for me as a beginner.
      1/72 scale is around 64cm long...
      Anyway I am planning to start building some bigger models of WWII ships, after few more models, just to get some decent experience with weathering effects 🙂

  8. Well done, Nikola (@nidzicken). This is a nice break from the usual all-gray or camouflaged warships.

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