Captured 1/48th BF109 E4

October 20, 2021 · in Aviation · · 14 · 1.6K

The club 109 E4 done OOB

nice kit - considering its airfix

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  1. Great , Tam!
    Glad to hear the Airfix kit is good.
    The 109 looks really interesting in RAF markings!

  2. Awesome color scheme and a beautiful build.

  3. Great build on this 109, Tam @fow_models
    Looks a bit weird, a 109 in full RAF colors and even the gas warning paper applied.

  4. Very nice. I wasn't aware of the Airfix version when I did mine and used the Tamiya kit. Not sure if you've seen this photo and how I kinda sorta used to paint the camo

  5. Nice build - kinda looks awkward in those colors! Doesn't seem as menacing in non-Luftwaffe attire...

    • There was a point where Britain was seriously considering buying them pre war when the first models came out as they were pretty much the best fighter on the market in the early 30's. Imagine an alternate rality where RAF 109's came up against Luftwaffe 109's and the BoB in that timeline suddenly gets much more even.

  6. Nice result. The Airfix kit is a bit "clunky" in design, but it is overall one of the most accurate 109Es out there - vastly superior as regards dimensions than the Eduard 109E (which, it turns out, has all the problems with dimensional accuracy that caused all the screaming and caterwauling in 2013 when they first brought out their 109G-6 - but no one has ever commented on their E) - and the only two things "wrong" are the too-narrow prop blades (you can fix that with one of the unused "early" props from any Eduard 109G kit) and the incorrect canopy (it's a "G" heavy-frame canopy - you can sand that down and polish it out).

    • This was the first Airfix kit that wasnt a 1/24th scale kit, i'd done since i was about 15, and i was very pleasantly surprised how good it was, and certainly not as bad as i remembered.

      Let just not talk about the 24th scale 109e3/4 though... i still have trauma from doing that kit twice.

  7. Great looking 109 Tam, especially with all the control surfaces in action pose.

    • Thanks, i tend to leave the control surfaces dropped when parked, as i read somewhere that because they were hydraulic, they dropped when the engines was turned off. At least that was the case with the Spitfire, its not unreasonable to assume the 109 had the same thing going on.

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