1/35th Challenger 2

October 16, 2021 · in Armor · · 11 Comments

My first ever tank build, dating from around 2013, shortly after i had gotten back into the hobby. I cant even remember who the kit was by, likely to be the kit, but not 100% sure.

Full build write up can be found here: https://fortunesofwar.wordpress.com/2013/07/30/tamiya-135th-challenger-1-mk-3-build/ but to be honest, its badly written and quite repetitive, so i would save yourself the time and just look at the pretty pictures here

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11 responses

  1. Good looking Challenger, nice paintwork.

  2. Great looking Challenger indeed, Tam!
    For your first ever tank, the result is, simply, wonderful!
    Weathering is great, I believe that your edges feathering with paintbrush have finally contributed to realism, adding to the sought after "unevenness" of paintwork we usually witness at camo-ed tanks.

    • Thanks. tbh, it was more by necessity than design. I was an absolute novice with an airbrush, insructons on how to airbrush were limited to a few articles with pictures only and a few pay to watch sites and it was all i could think of to make the nice clean crisp edges from the masking look a bit more natural.

      Interestingly, i havent used it since, i havent needed to since the armour i've done since, hasnt needed that sort of look on its camo, such as the normandy tiger tank, or the kursk panther, the JS-2 etc.

  3. Very well done mate, great work! 🙂

  4. Great work, Tam @fow_models
    Weathering is indeed beautifully done.

    • thanks, im afraid though the mud effects is all there is weathering wise, at thyat point, i'd never even heard of a 'pin wash', 'bleaching' and other techniques i use almost without thinking now, so its a wonder it looks as good as it does with no artificial highlights and lo-lights

  5. You do know Wordpress has an edit function, yes? A quick edit/rewrite would have that article zipping right along.

    Nice work for beginning back then.

    • Which is ok, but i already have a use for all 24 hours in the day, and until our conservative overlords who rule this land impliment a day with 28 hours in, then i just cant spare the time for a relatively benal and unecessary task when editing and filming already take up most of my waking hours.

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