1/35th Panther Ausf A - Kursk

October 26, 2021 · in Armor · · 10 · 1.4K

not my greatest ever build. paint scheme ruined a bit by the over zealous use of a bleaching filter which drained the colour out of it. Shame really, i enjoyed building it up until that.

This is the much maligned, but very enjoyable Ausf A kit.

Im still really baffled as to why it gets so much hate, sure, its not entirely detailed correctly, and some detail is missing. but its a quick, fun build that can be done in a weekend, which sometimes, we all just need to remind us why we got into the hobby in the first place, before we got all anal about details, and being historically accurate etc. There were no 'large gaps' or 'misaligned parts' as was suggested by one punter on instagram, so either i was really lucky, and got a well fitting kit, of he entirely lacks the skill to build it properly.

This kit is only bad, if you scrutinise it and compare it to the best kits out there, instead of taking it for what it is. I for one had a lot of fun on this.

End of rant!

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  1. Nicely done, Tam @fow_models
    I'm not into armour so I wouldn't know about the details.
    To me it looks really neat with great scheme and weathering.

  2. Ditto with @johnb 's comments, Tam! A great build!
    Well engineered and easily put together works perfectly for me: might give it a try someday!
    Yours truly no armor experten (not even novice!) whatsoever, but the end result looks nothing else but a Panther!

  3. Tam, I think the tank looks pretty damned great! ? Very nice work mate, and nothing to sneeze at either! ? This kit was the second armor build I tried. The Panther has always been a favorite of mine; sort of had a "sporty" look about it! If interested, here's a look:

  4. Much obliged Tam, kind of you to say. You're very welcome too, your tank is good too though. 🙂

  5. Looks totally well done Gary and the lighter color makes it a truly unique piece. Some Liberty goes a long way in accentuating artistry in model making as in all other art .

  6. Another golden oldie done to a high standard, Tam. I read somewhere that this kit is Tamiya’s all time best seller.

  7. Looks like a creepie-crawlie to me! 🙂

    So I take it their new(ish) 1/48 kit is a scale-down of all the problems (I have this).

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