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October 29, 2021 · in Ships · · 30 · 2.7K

After 8 Months of loving this build, heavily improvising her with Dowels, ratlines, deadeyes and blocks, Cannon tiebacks and Cannon shot etc.. pushing my capabilities, my 1759 ROYAL LOUIS - is FINISHED.

5 months of building the kit and rigging her up and 3 months to Hand sew 20 sails and add reef lines, Bowlines and Braces, I can honestly say I feel burnt out, strained but very happy.

It may not be perfect or historically accurate but I have pushed my own capabilities to the max, I still have a lot to perfect and learn, if I can.

But for now I can sit bk and enjoy her as I hope some of you will.

Happy modelling everyone and keep building and enjoying our great hobby and Art.

All the best and #staysafe
Rob ?⚓⚓⚓

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  1. Nicely done, looks great! That rigging would be too much for my manual dexterity

  2. This is amazing, Robert @rtmfc1
    So much work spent on this one but with an exceptional result.
    Incredible details, lots of rigging and even sewing.
    You did master everything on this one, it is definitely Royal.
    Lots of compliments.

  3. This is an incredible build ! It reminds me of my childhood, when I built the 1/96 scale Revell USS Constitution. Mine had the vacuum formed sails, but your cloth ones are a definite improvement. These kits are very time consuming, and one can get burned out if not careful. Yours turned out magnificent...

    I definitely pressed the "like" button.

    • Thank you Louis, yes these kits can be time consuming, I don't know how many hrs i put in, but I certainly felt drained when I was making the last couple of sails.
      Thanks again and I'm glad you liked it.
      All the best
      Robert ?⚓

  4. Amazing work. I have neither the patience nor the skill to do what you've done.

  5. Congratulations Robert!
    This is a true masterpiece, the amount of quality work on it is simply outstanding.
    Kudos to your patience and perseverance, the result is second to none!

  6. Incredible build. I have always admired builders of ship models and you have really built an real piece of eye candy that offers someone so much to look at and enjoy. Very well done!

  7. OK captain, great work!

  8. Excellent work, Robert. I salute your skill and perseverance! I've been reading a series of books by Chris Durban on 18th century naval stories and your model brings those ships to life.

  9. Fantastic build, now the only thing it needs is open seas and a healthy breeze. Love the sails!

  10. Well done, Robert (@rtmfc1). All of your extra work certainly shows in your model. Sails and rigging are exceptionally nice. You have more patience than I do.

    • Thank you very much George.
      Yes time and patience are key when building any model, but all are always with their own difficulties, if you get to the point of being not sure if you can complete a certain piece and it starts to frustrate, take a break for a while especially if tiredness comes into play, we all including myself have to do that at some stage.

      All the best
      Robert ?⚓

  11. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    Very impressive and impactful build Robert.
    You have caught my attention in a very glorious way.
    This is absolutely museum quality, very clean work.
    I do hope this model is in a display case.
    Thank you for sharing the pictures.

  12. Amazing work! I don't usually click on ship stuff as I'm a wings guy, but had to take a gander at this one! Well done.

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