'Es ist kaputt'Dragon 1/35th JS/IS-2

October 22, 2021 · in Armor · · 10 · 1.3K

This was never meant to be a wreck diorama, but the dog of a girl i was seeing got hold of the turret and started munching on it. with the exception of the shell hole at the front, which i did myself, all other damage is done by the doggo.

Probably not realistic, but it was irrepairable and i wasnt writing off a good kit just for a bit of damage like that when there was other ways to incorporate it.

There was a figure of a Panzergrenadier checking it out, hence the title, but he got lost over the course of several moves.

RIP Panzergrenadier

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  1. Really nice save, Tam!
    Everything looks great and realistic form here, could have sworn that that dog was trained to realistically "create" a kaputt JS/IS-2.

  2. Although almost considered as lost, you did great on building this dio, Tam @fow_models
    To me it looks very realistic.

  3. for me fantastic!

  4. Great 'save', If you didn't tell us the dogs part in this who would have known.

  5. Excellent save there Tam, looks fantastic

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