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12 - Matchbox 1/72 Aermacchi G.91Y

November 4, 2021 · in Aviation · · 28 · 1.7K

The first of I hope a lot of Italian military subjects.
The is a really beautiful plane and if it weren't for politics would have been widely utilised throughout Europe and even USA.

When looking through references I found 1 photo of it in winter camo and all dirty and decided thats what I'm doing. I've tried to replicate the photo as closely as possible, and was honoured when the pilot of the plane in the reference photo contacted me and let me know that I'd made his dad's airplane.

This was are really fun build, lots of fun painting and weathering, I added cockpit details, cut the flaps so I could have them down for landing/takeoff, I replaced the plastic moulded guns with needles and I built the gun protector around it.

I learnt and lot and enjoyed this model thoroughly.

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  1. Wow, built this some 35 years ago or so. Remember it as it was such unusual plane to all other American famous stuff.

  2. Really nice model, anthony (@anthonyricco), especially from a 1/72 Matchbox kit. Older kits make a nice model with a little TLC. I couldn't figure out what that cage was on both sides of the nose, so now I know.

    • Hi George, yes It was quite plain but I enjoyed adding the extras to it. Yes the protector is so the guns don't get bumped and misaligned, they stick out quite a bit.

  3. Terrific result from this old Matchbox kit.

  4. You did a great job on this kit ! You even used the kits stand

  5. An excellent model out of the old, simple but so beloved Matchbox kit, Anthony!

  6. Fantastic G91, Anthony @anthonyricco
    I do remember those kits from the past but defintely not able to build them as nice as yours.
    Amazing painting and weathering.
    And ofcourse the famous stand in the M(atchbox) style.

  7. Very nice model Anthony! Thanks for showing her! ?

  8. Nice job on this. Matchbox modeled many very cool subjects like this. This Fiat also happens to be one of their better kits.

  9. Long live Matchbox ! Handsome plane too.
    Great results on your build and painting Anthony
    Yes, it could have been sold to more nations but procurement is not always clear cut in favor of the best entry.

  10. That's a beauty! Love the winter camo and weathering, and I'd never seen a version with the longer guns and protectors on it. I've already built one of these in Luftwaffe scheme, but now I may have to go looking for another to add to the stash and replicate this!

    • Hey Greg - Always go Italian haha. Come on and do it, it is a beautiful scheme.
      I just had a look and you weren't wrong, looks like the Luftwaffe didn't have the protectors, maybe the Italian ground crew were always driving on there vespas and looking at the girls and kept bumping the guns.

  11. Lovely work Anthony!
    Great to see this Kit built up!

  12. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    A very nice work on this not much seen model Anthony !
    Attractive work on the color scheme. Nice detail work.

  13. I’ve always thought this aircraft’s design might have had been slightly influenced by the North American F-86D, at least in certain areas. It’s a very beautiful airplane though, and you’ve done great work building and painting this.

  14. Great work on this one Anthony. Having built this kit as a youngster, it is very nostalgic trip back to my youth. You really did an amazing job on this Italian beauty. Well done!

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