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1/144 Airfix SR.N4 Hovercraft

December 12, 2021 · in Ships · · 6 · 1.9K

SR.N4 Hovercraft

kit of great hovercraft. A lot of clamps and pressure required to get the main sections to fit. Interior details fine for their time. Less fit issues than many 'see thru' models.

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  1. Another amazing job of what seems to be a very challenging kit, Clarence! The fact that you don't see many built adds to this fact.

  2. That looks amazing Calerence it would be nice to build one For myself too.
    I took the hovercrafts on several occasions . Bumpy ride with zero visibility due to the froth and sand being blown around. Too bad they stopped operating as they were so cool and fast. Going right over sandbars and not requiring a deep water port.

  3. I've always wanted to build one of these ,how about a few more pictures ?, Oh ! great job by the way.

  4. Thanks Spiros, Bernard, Robert and Niel. I appreciate your support. What a great machine! The kit had its own period no surprise fit issues. You really have to sneak up on the final assembly as that's where you can run into those *****! I don't build many see thru models although I have the 1/35 AFV Club T- 34/76 1942 Factory kit which keeps calling me. I think I may leave one side with as much 'see thru' as possible and the other 'normal'? Bernard, I love the weathering on your Tupolev! Have to learn how to do that on aircraft & AFV's. Niel, yes I'm a huge Fairey fan..although the Gannet I saw I think in the Imperial War Museum was ... well, ok a Fairey for sure. They made such odd looking but brutally endearing aircraft. I have a great book which tells the company's fascinating story. read it twice which is rare for me.

  5. Wow Clarence, that is a fantastic job on the old Airfix kit. Amazing

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