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1/24 Profil 24 Jaguar XJR5 Daytona 1985 Group 44

December 12, 2021 · in Automotive · · 5 · 1.2K

Profil 24 XJR5 Daytona 1985 Group 44
Is there a more beautiful race car? Not for me anyway. On a track they are simply
poetry in motion. A quite an exceptional kit in every way. I think I recall using generic rattle can Appliance White? A harder paint that I could ‘lean on' when polishing. OOB

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  1. Beautiful job, Clarence!
    Yes, there is a more beautiful race car and it is the 037 which you built!

  2. Beautiful work sir! ?

  3. Looks really good, do you have more pictures?

  4. Thanks for all your comments! I upgraded to newer Mac recently and have some photos archived on CD. Time to find them is the issue:) I will try soon however. Lovely kit. I followed this car in IMSA with great memories. I worked in TV @ the time and had the pleasure of interviewing Bob Tullius. It's my great pleasure to connect with all of you! Apologies if I've listed too many builds recently... no intent to spike the football:)
    Excited to find a place to make new model pals.

  5. Really beautiful build Clarence. A very good looking car indeed.

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