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F-104G Starfighter, Eggbeck A.B. 1973

This is new tooled kit (scale 1:32) and it is very straightforward build with very few issues. I had troubles to glue rear part of the fuselage because when using kit the engine support I was 3 ° off axis (to right side). I decided to glue it only at the front and then at back. It is fully OK and makes no troubles then.

The build is OOB and I really enjoyed it from the start to the end. RBF stripes are very nice and they made this kit real live airplane.

I also used almost only MR. Paint colors for the first time for this project and I recommend them to everybody. They are durable, extremly fast drying and have real shades.

Photoshoot was the challenge, I have no lights at this place nor photobox big enough for such large plane, so please excuse pictures quality.

11 additional images. Click to enlarge.

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  1. Very nice, Martin!

  2. That is 'sharp' !

  3. A gorgeous build - clean, precise, and expert painting. The decals must have taken a LOT of time and patience. A real head-turner.


    • Thank you for compliment and you are very true, I was applying decals 3 evenings! 🙂 However the size of insignia is incorrect (blue shield and anchor especially), they were printed by Cartograf and all of them are excellent quality - very thin and very nice reaction to Mr, Mark Softer.

  4. Fantastic !

    Congrats to a great build - well done 🙂

  5. One of my favourite jets, Martin & you have done an absolutely superb job: build, detail & paint are as close to perfect as I would ever wish. As for your photographs: there's nothing to excuse. They are clear & sharp & show your model to great effect. That's all anyone could ask. Top marks!

  6. Thank you all guys. Next kit is OV-10 Bronco by Kitty Hawk and I already heard disturbing rumors about the kit quality. However, I am ready to accept the challenge as it is last large scale model to be build for my friend and then I will go back to my stuff and some weathering and so on.

  7. A lovely 104! Scheme is great, and the finish looks spot-on.

  8. Tohle je fakt pecka, Martine!

  9. Very nice model! Congratulations. I have a F-104 G (Marineflieger) on my workbench right now and your model is very inspiring, thank you.

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