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"Vörös 2""Red 2" in the colors of Royal Hungarian Air Force

December 29, 2021 · in Aviation · · 15 · 1.1K

After a year of building, I finished with Sergeant Ferenc Csikós' red 2 "G6. The model is Eduard’s early version of the G6 with BigSin upgrade set, which included the DB 605 engine, two machine guns , a radio compartment, main landing wheels and a droptank. The basic model itself, it is a very benevolent and nice kit that can be built without any problems. The brassin that eduard manufactures for this model are also beautiful, detailed. But, as we know, beauty sometimes goes wrong: that’s what happened here too. Imagine: the resin barely or not at all fits into the mockup. If someone follows the instructions, they will hit their ankles ugly, especially when inserting the engine. Millions of dry tests and measurements are required, as the DB 605 doesn't really want to be replaced. This will only be a bigger problem with the MG 131, where a hard plastic intervention will be required. If we go through these, we can actually look forward to a whole good build. It's not worth talking too much in the radio, nothing will be seen.

The cecals is an excellent product of HAD, very good quality, as thin as if I had painted it.

I painted the model with some Chinese pistol and a 0.2 Evo, I used Tamiya and Gunze acrylics.

There are flaws, there is what is visible, there is only what I know and there is something that clangs in it when I lift it ?

Custom upgrades:

-new fuel line (forced, I left the original)

-brake lines for landing gears

-replacement of wing position indicators

-replacement of cables in the resin accessory

-antenna wire details (insulation, tension spring)

-control wires

I hope you like it!

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  1. That's a real beauty, Istvan. Well done.

  2. Work of art, Istvan! I always enjoy seeing 109s and 190s in Hungarian colors.

  3. Another masterpiece, Istvan!
    Love the camo!
    Well done!

  4. The radio itself is almost real, beautifully made and painted. I could say the same about the engine, the whole undercarriage section, the ethereal weathering around the wing front and below the exhaust, etc, etc. Bravo!

  5. Looks amazing!

  6. That engine looks terrific and so does the radio gear (too bad you can't see it). You really went all out on this and it really shows. "Liked".

  7. Fantastic build, Istvan @havrilistvan
    Your eye for detail is amazing.
    A real eyecatcher.

  8. Love it, from top to bottom.

  9. Looks superb to me. "Some modeling skill required" took care of all those difficulties mentioned. Great result.

  10. All that hard work was definitely worth it, terrific result.

  11. Some strong modeling and painting however, flawed. It all works.

  12. Well done Istvan, too bad you can't see the radio, but you know it's there.

  13. A real beauty! Love the paint and markings.

  14. Thank you for the kind comments!

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