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Why do I do these things?

December 13, 2021 · in Sci-fi · · 43 · 1.8K

Warning... Do not check out the artwork of Ian McCue it will effect the way you view things.

Now this was a fun one. the only problem is where to stop. I think I could have added about twelve
more pounds of "stuff" to this project.
I have it displayed in my living room for now. My favorite response is when friends say,
What the heck is that? Then I know I have achieved my goal.
I haven't posted in a while but I am following your great builds daily. Great modeling guys and lady.
Well enjoy my madness.
California Steve

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43 responses

  1. Glad to see you back. What can I say? It's so... California Steve!

    Steampunk at its best. (Maybe?)

  2. Steampunk ! I love it , is it a scratch build or what ? 🙂

  3. Yeah - so your "Do not check out the artwork of Ian McCue" is sorta like "don't think of a pink polar bear!" You definitely captured some of his essence with this contraption! Very cool.

  4. Great Gregg, Just Great!
    Now I'll be seeing Pink Polar bears all day...Too Funny.
    Good to hear from you.
    Thank you very much.
    California Steve

  5. This is simply the prototype ship, intended to test and evaluate the power plant and other systems of the soon to be constructed Cpt Nemo's Nautilus submarine. The hydrofoils are clearly visible and look well designed, tad conservatively though, I believe they will go for a more aggressive profile during final design stages. The hydro-engines at the back are definitely over-exposed to the elements, a protective housing will be necessary there. As for the analog geared inertial navigation system at the front, I believe it's brilliant, but the final design will be more compact...So, all I see is a superbly built (truly!) model of very conventional vehicle: I see no madness here whatsoever 🙂

    Love what you did there, my friend @stevenflowers!

    • Spiros,

      A engineering design consultant contract is being mailed to you. Please sign and check the

      "I Agree" box. This will be reviewed by Nemo personally.

      Your notes were taken with great enthusiasm here at engineering.

      As for the Hydro propulsion units we have found that they perform best in

      are used only in subchannel override modulation phase, thus the need for shielding

      is not required at this time.

      Your suggestion of a more compact analog geared inertial navigation system is brilliant!

      You have us all rubbing our chins.

      We thank you for sharing your engineering prowess.

      Best regards,

      California Steve

  6. Totally my taste. I love when a modeller goes out of the ordinary and make the viewer go "What!?" and then! One of Revell´s tugboats was in the pipeline of getting a total make over at my desk but I got tired of it.

  7. Thank you Stellan, Now dig out that tugboat and give it some fins.
    And thank you for the What?! That really gives me a warm feeling.
    I'm happy you got a kick.
    California Steve

  8. Steve, welcome back my friend! Good to see you.

    I couldn't help but notice that there seems to be no provision to eject the warp core in the event of a runaway plasmonic overthruster situation. This could be detrimental if it happens in a crowded In and Out drive through. Just sayin'...

  9. Thank you Jaime,
    You noticed that also. We at engineering have addressed the core ejection solution by insulating the core
    with an outer jacket of grilled onions. Yes of course this is temporary. But the aroma somehow gets us in the mood for a In N Out run.
    We will retain the status quo for the time being.
    Great to hear from you Jaime.

  10. Wow California Steve, this is really awesome - what an interesting kit and you build it up so nicely, love the weathering and finishes

  11. Great job, love the figures!

  12. Welcome back, Steve @stevenflowers
    This is an amazing build of an exceptional 'aircraft'.
    I noticed the ruler, but cannot make clear if these are centimeters or inches.
    Nevertheless, the detailing and paintwork is simply outstanding.
    I fully understand the reactions of your friends.

  13. Welcome back, Steve. That looks like a well done Mardi Gras float in Mobile!

  14. That's cool as hell!

    Glad you're back.

    • James, How are you doing?
      You should have seen me shaking when I decided to cut off the bow and add the mouth.
      I kept thinking "now this is the stupidest thing I have ever done"
      Please don't reply to the last comment.
      But I am glad you like!
      Thank you very much.
      California Steve

  15. Reality, what a concept, just not in this case, maybe alternate reality, where's the wine and cheese? One of your coolest builds!

    • Howdy Robert, How are you doing?
      I want to sincerely apologize about the absence of the wine and cheese.
      But you must understand it is served much later in the afternoon.
      Wait! How about a intergalactic wine and cheese barge Space Wedgie.
      Don't get me going.
      Thanks for the nice comments.
      California Steve

  16. It looks like something from Jules Verne

  17. Steve, at first glance I wasn't sure if it should be floating or flying, but it sure is cool ! Some really masterful work on this, it's very well done and just plain fun to look at !

  18. Thank you for the nice comments Terry,
    It was fun to build something without any plans and a few sheets of plastic stock.
    California Steve

  19. Absolutely amazing! The only answer I can come up with, when someone asks what it is, it's just cool! Well done, Steve!

  20. Thank you very much Frederick.

  21. Hi Steve, glad to see you posting again. You obviously live in a different universe to me, and it’s not even a parallel one, definitely liked.

  22. Hello George, I hope you are doing well.
    Maybe our universes are at right angles because we keep running into each other?
    No complaints.. Glad you enjoyed.
    California Steve

  23. Steve, you're not like all the other kids.

    Ya know what's funny, I LIKE it. The leatherish bottom and weathered uppers, weird face apparatie...

    (apparatusses?) Jules Verne meets Shep Paine. Keep on doing that Voodoo that you do Sooooooo well...

  24. I can't stop laughing.. You have made my day Bill.
    Oh, and I am glad you liked it.
    My face hurts from smiling!
    California Steve

  25. HE LIVES! Great to see you and your imagination/sense of humor again! It's not really much like his ship at all but for some reason seeing this model makes me think of Captain Shakespear's ship The Caspartine from Stardust. (If you've ever wanted to see Robert DeNiro doing the can-can in a tutu this is the movie for you!)

  26. Thanks Josh, I guess it fits the Idea of this design form. But DeNiro in a tutu kinda scares me.
    I'm glad you got a kick.
    California Steve

  27. Totally agree about McQue's work. They are Masterpieces of pure art. Nice job on your build.

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