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1/35 Trumpeter T-62

January 2, 2022 · in Armor · · 8 · 1.3K

And another on the old build parade

This was done in 2016, spring I think. It required considerable modification such as adjusting the suspension to reflect fire weakened tortion bars, the bottomed out cannon, the unshipped turret, and of course the engine compartment. The parts for the latter came from Legend and were superbly cast albeit somewhat difficult to fit in the hull. I will, however, say that they were easier to work with than some other resin sets I've used. I scratched a very rudimentary "thru the hatch" fighting compartment which ended up being largely invisible.

Trumpy gives you indy styrene track links in this kit and they are a very tight fit as well as impervious to the LPC I was using at the time. After the track run came apart upon handling the second time I cheated and got a set of Fruils. Much easier with a far better result.

Burnt areas were sprayed with flat black with rust washes applied in several stages. I used enamel washes as they do not have the surface tension problem of acrylics. The results of this were quite monotone so various shades of Bragdons powders were stippled in for a little variety. White Bragdons was used at the burn line to simulate ashy deposits of paint, a stage I tried over the whole thing but this did not look right to me so it was removed.

Wood base with Celluclay groundwork and kitty litter rocks. I did not do the burnt tire ash piles largely 'cause I have no idea how to replicate day I'll get a bright idea and have at it no doubt.

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  1. What a gorgeous model, Mark!
    Exceptional weathering!

  2. Making a junker out of a model is HARD. You did a good job.

  3. Great looking armor, Mark @markh

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