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1/48 Hasegawa IAF A-4N

January 12, 2022 · in Aviation · · 21 · 1.7K

I love the - single seat, two seat, various operators, etc. I initially made the mistake of thinking that you could take the A-4M kit and with decals make it an A-4N. I learned pretty quickly, that not all A-4N airframes had ARBS in the nose (angle rate bombing system) and you had to refer to pictures to make sure the airframe you are modelling had it or not. Then, I learned about the DEFA cannons, and the strike camera underneath on the port undercarriage sponson. Towards the end of the gallery, you can see those items and antennae fit highlighted, as well as the sneaky vent on the forward STBD side of the avionics hump! Luckily, you can find the instruction sheets for the A-4N issue online, which identfies the differences between A-4M and A-4N. I bought the excellent Aires elongated tailpipe, and DEFA cannons for this build, before I realized there were other details to consider. I could not get away from the images of IAF A-4N's with HOBOS on the centerline, so decided to go with this weapons configuration. The markings were based on a profile (gasp) and I used 1/48 Hobbycraft A-4N decals unit markings, and spares for the airframe numbers. Testors enamels throughout, future coat for decals, future and Tamiya flat base for top coat.

By the way- If anyone is looking for the 1/48 Hobbycraft A-4N decals that depict the last scheme on A-4N's-I have a pile of spare decals I will gladly give to you. I am referring to the script number style as oposed to the block style I chose for my kit.

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  1. Very nice looking Skyhawk ! Beautiful painting... A+ workmanship !

  2. Nice work, Dan. Always great to see an A-4.

  3. Love the Israeli camo and love the Skyhawk, Dan!
    Your excellent skills produced a real eye-catcher here!

  4. Great looking Scooter, I always liked the coloration of the Israeli scheme.

    • Yes I love the combination of colours- the A-4's had two greens over the course of their life in the IAF, I took a chance with the green I chose, I think it was right for the earlier scheme I did.

  5. Looks great - I'm a big fan of the IDF desert scheme. Anytime you build anything IDF-related, much research is usually required to find the endless modifications. I almost always overlook something!

  6. Beautiful job on one of the most attractive A-4 finishes, Dan. Very fine, clean paintwork and decaling. How did you get the nice demarcation on the interior of the intake? I find this to be a chore in my builds.

    • Hi Colin- thanks for the comments. I paint my intake lips by hand with a small brush: #1 or #2. Before I start the red enamel, I lay a few coats of future acrylic finish in the same area. After two coats of red, I lay a coat of Future, and then one more coat of red to finish off, then it gets coated with future along with the rest of the airframe for decals. I paint my canopy frames by hand too. First, coat the canopy with two coats of future, then interior colour, then a coat of future, then exterior colour.

  7. The Skyhawk is indeed a beautiful aircraft, Dan @danfrombermuda
    Your build in Israeli scheme proves that clearly.
    Well done.

    • Something about the A-4... the shape, the service history. Hard to believe it was conceived for delivering nukes! Fighter, bomber, adversary, fast FAC...
      Thanks for commenting!

  8. Can't go wrong with an A-4. This one looks great.

  9. Nice A-4, Dan. You have a knack for doing nice Scooters.

  10. Just wonderful! Doing a Skyhawk in IAF livery is high on my wish list, and I will be referring to this when I get to it.
    I have done the Hasegawa A-4M as a "Blacksheep" (VMA-214): Really enjoyed this kit.

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