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Eduard 1/48 A-4E Skyhawk "Vietnam Scooters"

January 28, 2022 · in Aviation · · 30 · 1.5K

Hello iModeler! Here is my first completed build of the 2022. A-4E . I had a lot of fun building this kit, despite a lot of self inflicted headaches with painting and finishing. Upon reviewing the photos I noticed a few things that I need to correct before I do an outdoor photoshoot. Let me know if you can spot them all!

Anyways, here it is. Thanks for having a look!

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  1. I like everything you've done here with this. A very nice result indeed.

  2. This is a very nice Scooter, Ramon!
    Well done!

  3. Hmm other than you are to lose a bomb on right hand outboard station...bit shiny for a battle worn jet? Love the Scooter in any shape or form, must be such a pleasure to fly. Douglas made it look so sensible. You did it well, love the grime.

  4. An absolute perfect start of 2022, Ramon @anvil6
    Amazing looking Skyhawk.

  5. Very nice looking A-4... excellent work.

  6. A beautiful result, your Scooter looks perfect from here, thumbs up

  7. Good way to start 2022 by building a good looking Scooter. Well done Ramon.

  8. Beautiful work Ramon! The staining on the belly tank is superb! I need to grit my teeth and do some weathering on my next scooter- I always figure I will wreck the build if I try.
    your post is an encouragement to me.

    • Thanks for the kind words Dan! Dude, let me tell you about wrecking a build... I sanded the belly down to bare plastic after painting at least 3 times because I either got runs, crackled finish or spilled Tamiya Extra Thin on it. same thing with the tail markings on the left. Instead of using the decals like I should have, I opted to try and paint the stripes, letters and numbers. That came out HORRIBLY, so I sanded it down ( I already had the rest of the model painted and decaled by this point) re-masked and repainted the stripes, cut the decals into smaller sections to reapply, then follow that with clear coats and weathering to match the rest of the finish. Like I said, I flubbed and created a lot of extra work for myself but thats ok. It's just plastic. As far as I am concerned, the worst case scenario is that I have a model that I display close to a wall, with the ugly side facing the wall. Honestly, I think I learn and grow more after my mistakes than when everything goes smoothly.

      Be bold dude. Don't be afraid to wreck a build because you will feel a lot more accomplished after you save it. Either that or you surprise yourself with a successful result and level up. Who dares, wins!

  9. This is just lovely.

  10. Great A-4, Ramon!

  11. One of my favorite scooter schemes, nicely done!

  12. Nice! The weathering looks great! It might be a bit to shiny, back then the gull grey was flat and the underside was white, usually gloss, I think in the early to mid-seventies they introduce gloss gull grey.

  13. Super scooter,Ramon.

  14. Excellent finished build!

  15. Leave it as it is, it’s a perfect scooter.

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