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1/48 ICM BQM-34A Firebee

A nice simple model of an important drone. The Ryan BQM-34A was the first in a series of drones used for military purposes. They were used for target emulation, high and low altitude recon, ECM, E-LINT missions and defense/radar [...]

Bell AH 1G Huey Cobra, 122, US Army, Bien Hoa Air Base, South Vietnam 1967.

1/72 Monogram, built in 2019 - 2020 for the Teeth & Fangs GB, more pic's and details there.


When I was a kid, my nextdoor neighbor, several years my elder, went into the Navy. He wound up in the Riverine force. He was on either a Swift or a PBR. When Tamiya came out with their PBR, I jumped at the chance to build it. I thought [...]

Academy 1/48 F-4C Vietnam

Academy's early Phantoms are very good kits and superior to the dated Hasegawa kits. In this kit I focused on the complex weathering patterns that characterized aircraft operating in the humid and dusty conditions of Vietnam. Due to the [...]

ARVN M41 Walker Bulldog

The M41 Walker Bulldog, officially known as 76-mm Gun Tank M41, was produced by the Cadillac Motor Car Company division of General Motors from 1951 to 1954. Originally built as a light tank replacement for the WWII-era M24 Chaffee, it was [...]

Grumman OV-1A 1/48 RODEN

I present you Roden's model of the OV-1A Mohawk. The plane represents a machine of the 23rd special warfare aviation detachment of the US Army from 1963 in Vietnam. The basic task of this unit was intelligence and reconnaissance. In its [...]

F-8E Crusader Mig Killer June 21, 1966

This is the Hasegawa 1/48th kit of the F-8E Crusader with decals from the Furball, Mig Masters F-8 Crusaders of the Vietnam War. The model depicts aircraft F-8E 150300 Nickel 104 VF-211 (Fighting Checkmates, call sign Nickel aka The Mig [...]

Monogram/Encore 1:48 A-37B

I've had the good old Monogram kit in the stash for several years along with a copy of the Encore boxing, which is essentially the Monogram plastic with a bunch of resin and PE aftermarket stuff. One of my club members brought a 1:72 model [...]

The bite of the cobra: AH-1G "Wretched Mildred", Vietnam 1971

Some aircraft look so impressive that, once seen, they remain in the memory. If this memorable appearance is combined with a dramatic mission history, it can happen that this aircraft becomes an "icon": the mere sight of it [...]

Blue Thunder...1/48 Suchhoi Su-22M4, Fitter-K, Vietnam People´s Airforce

Here´s one of my dad´s rare excursions to the more modern world. Hobby Boss Su-17M4 kit with Model Maker Decals. Only used the nose numbers and the airintake decals from this sheet, the national insignias were too large, at least for the [...]