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F-84Gs Korea

January 29, 2022 · in Aviation · 42 · 1.6K

Hi Fellow iModelers,
First completions and postings for 2022.

F-84G, FS-454, 58th FBS, Korea 1952:
1/48, Pro-Modeler (Revell/Monogram) F-84G Thunderjet
Tamiya decals

F-84G, FS-460, 8th FBS, 49th FBG, Korea 1952:
1/48, Tamiya, F-84G Thunderjet
Aires Cockpit Set
Aeromaster Decals Thunderjets Over Korea Pt.3

F-84G, FS-478-A, 9th FBS, 49th FBG, Korea 1951:
1/48, Tamiya, F-84G Thunderjet
Aires Cockpit Set
Aeromaster Decals Thunderjets Over Korea Pt.3

Paints and Weathering used on all builds:
Floquil Old Silver
Vallejo Metals Aluminum, Duraluminum, Dull Aluminum

Artist Oils wash for shadows and highlights.

Hope you like. As always...KEEP IT FUN.

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42 responses

  1. All three turned out excellent. Great job!

  2. Lots of color, and great looking NMFs! Very nice group of builds, Gary!

  3. Those are all excellent Thunderjets, Gary. Absolutely spotless down to every detail, a joy to look at.

  4. Beautiful Thunderjets, Gary @gwskat
    Each of them looking great in these aluminum schemes and colorful markings.
    Well done.

  5. Those are some great looking Thunderjets Gary. I've build the Pro-Modeler one and really enjoyed the build, nice detail and every thing fit. And if you like to work with decals there were lots of stickers on the kit's sheet. Excellent and colorful production buddy and it appears you're giving the Iron Works some heady competition.

  6. Somebody likes plank-wing Thunderjets.

    Nice work on these workhorses.

  7. Nice metalwork, Gary!

  8. Fantastic work! Which kit did you prefer- the pro modeler or Tamiya?

  9. Beautiful Thudcraft! Nice Thunderjet assembly line.

    • Thanks, Robert. My past few builds have been in multiples. While I'm in the "moment" with that particular interest/subject I'm trying to maximize my output, time and materials usage. So far it's working out pretty good for me.

  10. I like your jets a lot, very nice metal effect!

  11. My favorite Air Force jet, nicely done!

  12. Beautifull trio! Very good NMF!

  13. Excellent collection outstanding builds in all respects. Love your work with the NMF on these models. I see you used Vallejo Metal Colors. I love that line of paint. I use them exclusively for my NMF work. They are so easy to use and very durable and look great. Your work proves that!

    • Thanks, Paul. My go to base metal paint it the Floquil Old Silver. (I'll be sad when I use that up) I use the Vallejo's for variation color. For me they are okay but sometimes not always consistent. But that's probably my fault.

  14. Lord T'undering! Great way to start off the year, Gary!
    Beautiful work on there kits, impressive work with the NMF.

  15. Very nice! Great job getting those decals to lay down on natural metal like that. Nice choice of subjects too, love the colors.
    I really wish that Revell would get back to producing kits like the F-84 again. The F-15E, the Sabre Dog, the Helldiver and this kit were Revell's high watermarks for surface detail.

    • Thank you, Scott. Most of the decals worked pretty good. I applied a gloss coat of Future/Mr. Leveling before decaling. Both the Aeromaster and Tamiya had to be finessed with solvents to get them to settle on the compound curves but still are not perfect. I had to do some patching in areas where the Tam decals did not fit well with the ProMod kit.

  16. A very nice collection!

  17. Those look great! I love the finish, excellent work dude!

  18. Great looking builds on all three. This aircraft has some sweat looking lines for a straight winged jet.

  19. Gary, @gwskat
    These F-84's look fantastic ! I am happy to hear that the "Iron Werke" style of building is working for you. I like the method too ! 😉
    I agree with you on your comments about how these build up. I recently finished one of the Revell kits as a build of a plane that my Dad's childhood friend was shot down in over Korea.

    I commend you on your natural metal finish. This is something that is hard to get looking correctly. By the looks of things you have mastered the technique well.

    I definitely checked the "like" box. Two thumbs up buddy ! 🙂

  20. Those are beautiful builds - fantastic!

  21. @gwskat, Wow, I'm not sure how I missed these beauties Gary. All three are really great looking models! 👍 And yes, I sure miss that Old Silver...and SNJ Spray Metal. Good things that are gone now...😢

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