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Heller 1/72 Saab 91 SAFIR

January 29, 2022 · in Aviation · · 31 · 1.6K

The 91 is a three/four seater, single engine trainer aircraft, primarily of metal construction, with fabric-covered control surfaces.

Its development began in 1944, with its first flight taking place on 20 November 1945. As well as its primary role as a trainer/touring aircraft, the Safir was also used as an aerodynamic testbed for various projects, including fitting of scaled down wings of the then projected Saab Tunnan and Lansen fighters! The Safir was used by the Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Austrian, Tunisian and Ethiopean air forces, as well as by civilian users, the major ones being Air France, Lufthansa and the Dutch Rijksluchtvaartschool (RLS). The type remained in Norwegian and Finnish service until the late 1980s, and in Austria until 1992. In Sweden, while it was replaced as a trainer by the Scottish Aviation Bulldog in 1971, it remained in use as a liaison aircraft till the mid-90s. Today, only a few civil-registered 91As are still flying.

This is the classic ultra sweet (!) kit, mostly built out of the box with a few side improvements. To revive old times, I hand painted it and, guess what, loved it!

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Happy modeling!

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  1. What a small beauty!

  2. You build some cool and interesting subjects...Great job, my Friend!

  3. Wow, havn´t seen one of those in ages. Nicely painted and decalled.

  4. Such a beautiful build! Love it!

  5. Turned out great, Spiros. Great subject, classic kit, hand painted. Sounds like fun to me. I’m going to try some small scale brush painting in the near future too.

  6. Looks great! Something not seen often.

  7. Like a Nordic Me-108. A little tougher for the cold !
    Nice subject Spiros. I did not know about this plane or Hellers’ issue of it

  8. Spiros, @fiveten
    I have never seen another one of these built before. It kind of reminds me of a Bucker trainer that Kermit Weeks has on display at his Fantasy of Flight museum. I took this picture back in 2011.

    This was a very interesting article to read, and it looks good in the headlines section, both here on Imodeler, and over at M2.

    Thanks for sharing this little beauty with us. I made sure to check the "like" box before I left. QC1 and QC2 are definitely keeping you busy. I don't know how you can build as many models as you do, but I am VERY glad that you do. Please keep them coming. Take care my friend.

    • Thanks my friend @lgardner! You can clearly see the influence of the Bücker on the Safir design. Thanks for sharing this great pic!
      This was a build that was started quite long ago and was almost finished, needing only some not extensive final touches.
      Yep, QC 1 & 2 keep me busy, thankfully in a good way!
      Cheers, my friend!

  9. A beautiful Heller kit, Spiros @fiveten
    Your handpaint skills are impressive a well, the paint looks as smooth as it was airbrushed.
    Good to see that you were able to finish this one despite of being occupied by your quality engineers a lot.
    Well done.

  10. Great way to respect a great little kit, Spiros.
    Nice work with that paintbrush

  11. Well done sir hair stick finishes are difficult to pull off this well

  12. Beautiful build, a typical great Heller kit. Also an excellent subject from the norm. This must look great on your self next to your other builds.

  13. Really nice - you know me, I love the unusual subjects! Great project.

  14. A very interesting and uncommon plane. Excellent built.

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