1/24 Tamiya Fairlady 240ZG

February 8, 2022 · in Automotive · · 18 · 1.4K

This is actually my first 100% finished work of cars! The rest just kinda didn't work out.

Fairlady 240z is my dream car to own and I do think the ZG version is classic. However, I don't have the feel to make a glossy, clean look and so I went for a look.

The little setting is in Japan, perhaps in the 80s. It's weathered but still functional. Putting a cat and shopping bags in the car refers the owner would return very soon, so don't sue me for animal abuse lol!

It's a very fun and easy kit to build. Especially from , it got everything you would expect. The part assembles great with excellent color seperation. You can paint all the parts on the sprues and it'll still look perfect.

Tamiya acrylic paints are still my favourite. effects are made with mulitple brands, mostly Vallejo and AK.

The asphalt effect is actually made with the AK Terrains Concrete. What can I say? It's straightforward to use and the result is stunning, definitely recommended!

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  1. Fantastic result, Arthur! Excellent build out of the good Tamiya kit!
    Love your choice to go for a weathered look, very realistic!

  2. One of the best looking sports cars to come out of Japan and your weathered finish on this classic Tamiya kit still manages to show off its lines beautifully.

  3. Excelent results on the Fairlady, Arthur @arthurko
    Your weathering looks perfect, clearly to be seen that she has done a lot of kilometers.

  4. A classic! And so well done; I like it better than a new, shiny example! ?

  5. What a great looking "junker". Pls open the windows a crack for the sake of the poor cat in there!

  6. Great work. I especially like your "rust" effects!

  7. I've actually seen a 240Z that looked like that, driving around here in the City of Lost Angles. Very nice work on this and a great result.

    But I've never seen a cat I could let roam loose inside the car while traveling. Maybe Japanese cats are better behaved. 🙂

    • I appreciate it!

      And actually the cat is as naughty in this diorama lol!

      1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  8. Great looking "beater"!

  9. I have a '74 260Z that I've thought about doing the G nose conversion on. I think what you've pulled off here is way harder than building a clean car! The sections with rust (or even rust bubbling under the paint) are VERY convincing! The paint fade looks accurate too. My friend painted mine back in the mid 90's when it was his. Blue metallic single stage and it was his first time painting a car. If I don't stay after it with a buffer it chalks up and looks like your model in no time! (All my panels are the same color though but not without some spotting or tiger stripes. Like I said, it was his first time and he did it in metallic!)

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