NovascreamA kitbash build inspired by Transformers

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Inspired by the Transformers, I've built a somewhat original Decepticon. This is my project with mostly and other scale models.

Contructing Ideas
The idea for this build is basically to make a mecha that looks like it could transform into a fighter jet. I'm no expert in Transformers, but I recalled the Starscream from the Michael Bay movies version is a F-22, which was from US. So I looked into my stash and found this old Academy MiG-29. Then I thought 'why not make a Soviet based Transformer?', and there you have it!

The combination structure of this project is relatively simple. The frame is from Bandai MG 1/100 Barbatos, which I think is the best default frame for kitbash. In this case, I didn't even modify it with major changes - I simply drill holes and put 1.0mm copper strips into the articulation joints to strengthen it for further kitbashing. The other armor parts are either glued in place or connected by styrene strips. As simple as that!
My small tip for modelers who wants to try this kind of kitbashing - always break down parts before you act.
For this case, I cut out all the parts of this MiG-29 kit and try to familiarise with them. To reconstruct a fighter-jet-inspired mecha, you have to keep in mind that it should be persuasive to be able to transform. The main feature of a fighter jet would be the nose, canopy and the wings. I began by cutting those into small and symmetry parts. Once you put together the characteristics, the rest would be easy to be merged.

Gaia Lacquer Paints were used mostly for the main body, plus a bit of hand-painting with the Vallejo Metal Colors.
The weathering effects were made with Vallejo, acrylic ink and poster colors, which sounds weird but they work for me!
The burnt exhaust effect was painted layer by layer. Basically, you start off with a bright silver base with shading, then you put transparent colors on, like blue, purple, green and red.

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  1. Amazing idea for a transformer build, Arthur! Excellent job allover!

  2. Impressive robot, Arthur, @arthurko
    Well done.

  3. Awesome kitbash! I grew up watching Transformers, so this build is a home run for me.

  4. That is awesome. Looks perfect as a mix of robotics and the MIG elements to be an original Transformer. And the "weathering" is excellent!

  5. This is so impressive @arthurko - I'd love to be able to kit bash like this and come up with my own creations.

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