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1954 Hudson NASCAR 1/25th scale Moebius Models Kit

This is an interesting build I have almost completed for Jay Ward the head of Pixar Animation and the creator of the Cars movie series. Jay gave me free-reign to build something for his office, so I decided to build a "real life" Hudson Hornet N[...]


This is product of P51 bashing and represents combat drone similar to MQ-9. Still dont know in what year would i put it, so its all in the eye of the observer.

1951 Chev Custom

1951 Chevrolet Corsa V-12, a retro mod custom, built using 1951 Fleetline, 1951 BelAir, 1955 Corvette, 1999 Corvette, 2005 Corvette, some scratch built parts and some PE. The V-12 is because I've combined two Corvette V-8 engines into one V-12 e[...]