RG Hi-nu Gundamfully-modified from RG Nu Gundam

February 8, 2022 · in Sci-fi · · 10 · 2.3K

This build is an older project built in the previous year. I started off the build when the first released the RG Nu . While I hate the shape and design on the Bandai's release, I wanted to modify it into the Hi-nu Gundam, which it hadn't any releasing news back then.

The design was to make it in some sort of 'Obari' style, with a strong alpha standing posture. Basically, I rebuilt all the armor parts with spare parts and stryene sheets. I worked on this project for about a year, and just done before the actual release of the official Bandai RG Hi-nu Gundam. I'm completely bias, but I really think my design looks better than the Bandai version. Let me know your thoughts!

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  1. I know little about Gunpla, but checked the original Bandai release and your result is definitely better, Arthur!

  2. I'm not into this robot things, but I do recognize the beauty of your build, Arthur @arthurko

  3. Great job with the RG kit. It has been a few years since I have dived into a new Gunpla build. I have an MG Astray Red Frame chillin until I get the Gunpla itch again.

  4. Very nice work! It's great to see some Gunpla on here. I don't know anything about Gundams but I love building the kits. Yours looks so good that I can't tell what's modified without referencing the original build.

  5. Great work @arthurko It really looks brilliant - and I think you are right - better than the original - well done the hard long work definitely paid off.

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