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For the glory of Mankind, 2B from NieR:Automata

March 25, 2022 · in Figures · · 6 · 1.1K

You know i am almost pure aircraft kits builder, so this might surprise you a bit. Yes, this is my first and only .

I am fan of everything in manga or anime style, I like movies, series, mangas.
For some time I was thinking of figure. But there was none available till very recent time when 3D printing became quite cheap and available for masses.
Our club bought one and that was the moment I decided to try to paint figure.
I chose very nice model from Luis Donaldo Meza, which is sold as whole package allowing you to build different poses.
Of course, the most difficult part came when I started painting.
Figures painting is completely different from what I was used to. It requires different approach. I was struggling with it about 3 weeks until I found how it should be done. And still, there is a lot to improve.
In the end, it was useful as I usually paint cockpits parts with brush and and I will be able to improve their look from now on.
I also learned that airbrush is OK for figures painting, but I wanted to really find out if I can reach smooth shading with just brush. It is possible, but it was not the easy way.
Next time, I will use airbrush for some parts, this will speed up the work a lot.

Now it is time to get back to my aircrafts kits... Maybe I will paint some other figure during breaks 🙂

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6 responses

  1. A wonderful first attempt, Martyn!
    Looks superb!

  2. Amazing result on a first try, Martin @naviatik
    Never say this will be your only one, predicting the future is still difficult, so you never know.
    Especially with these results I would like to see more, next to your great aircraft builds.

  3. Looks like the kind of girl I could introduce to my father but my mother wouldn’t be quite so keen. Nice painting.. I’m currently making a cross stitch picture of eighteen Chinese ladies, but none of them look anything like her.

  4. Some would like that to be their last attempt let alone their first...nicely done, Martin. Keep going with figs!

  5. Very cool Martin! ? A peak into the future of scale modeling...the possibilities seem endless! ?

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