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Heritagecon 14: Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum, Hamilton, Canada

March 28, 2022 · in Uncategorized · · 14 ≡

Here are a few highlights (for me) for the large 14 meeting. I had planned to enter some of my own builds, but I waited too long to register online and no more entries were being accepted two weeks before the show. Quite a crowd of modelers after two years in lockdown with no shows. I hope Torcan will run in September. Anyway, some talent on display here. Sorry the pics are kind of mediocre. I only had my iPad. I have more and can post if anyone is interested.

The ARVN Sandy is 32nd scale, as are the A4E, F/A-18 (CF-188), CF-104, Ki. 84 Hayate, B-24 and Gladiator. The Blackhawk and the Iraqi T-62 are 1/35. All the rest are 1/48, except the Nimrod and big-German-thing-that-was-originally -a- glider (Me-323, sorry), in 1/72. Note that there are two different Gloster Javelins. A few more added: F-4s, Il-2 Sturmovik, and Bf-109 are 1/32. The rest are 1/48.

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  1. I think your photos are great, Colin. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Amazing pictures of ditto models, Colin @coling
    It must have been great to finally visiti a show after so long.

  3. Amazing pics of an amazing event, Colin! What an inspiration!
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Like to see contest pics, thanks.

  5. The photos are great but the models are the same boring old stuff, sorry, hope you enjoyed the show.

    • Just as a friendly response, George, I am curious what you would find less boring or "same old"? Are you more keen on seeing unusual subjects from short run kits, like the Fokker G.1 or an IAR-80 or are you talking more about unusual markings for familiar aircraft (or maybe both)? I always think about this stuff when I choose what to build next and also consider what might be nice to enter in a show. I have a lot of short run and seldom built kits and love putting in the extra effort and sharing the experience in GBs or competitions. On the other hand, I have been known to build some "cliche" subjects, like the the Tamiya F-4J "Showtime 100", just because I wanted one of my own done well in 1/32. I entered this one in the same show in 2018

      All the models I build take a lot of time and effort. The big F-4j took me a couple of years. At this show, I saw some familiar subjects but some real care and craftsmanship that I could learn from. As I said, just curious what would be more exciting for you. These conversations about what to build are fun, in my view. And yes, I did enjoy the show. Thanks. 🙂

  6. For the last decade or so I've said I'm going to Heritagecon and I always miss this show. One day I'll attend.

    Looks like a lot of excellent work there.

  7. Great looking models on the tables, thanks for sharing.

  8. Thanks for the post - some nice stuff on display!

  9. Thanks for your comments and kind feedback on the photography, guys. I always take the time to resize the pics so that I don't overload the site and also allow for easier downloads. A bit of work there but well worth it to share. BTW, I took photos of what interested me most, so maybe it is not a fair representation of the content of the show.

  10. A lot of great builds shown here. For me, the prototype Me323 with 4 Jumo engines was an interesting subject, but that deliciously-painted Italian Caproni Ca133 trimotor was indeed a show-stopper... :-).

  11. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Thanks for posting Colin, great exhibits and great photos.

    I almost forgot to take my own photos as I was too excited going through all the vendors tables - I went a bit overboard with my purchases but each purchase was a bargain. I went to the show determined to find a few kits and I found almost everything on my checklist- the biggest bargain was finding the Trumpeter 1/72 Lightning, Wyvern and Sea Fury (and about a dozen other gem finds)!

    There were many impressive builds, if I had to single one out - it would be the B-58 Hustler, I've always wanted to get a Hustler built but I'm not quite ready to tackle all those shades of metal on one aircraft.

    Did you have an entry in this show Colin?

    • Thanks for your comment, George. Glad to know you liked the show. I agree about the B-58, it was a beauty. As for me, I had about seven models to enter at Heritagecon but 2 weeks before it ran the site had a notice that they were accepting no more entries. I had waited too long to send in my forms! I have never experienced that before. At the event, I talked to one of the show organizers who said that they were afraid they would get "too many" models from all the guys show had so much time on their hands during Covid. I was pretty surprised, I mean I thought they would have been happy to have as many entries as possible. It didn't seem to be a matter of space. In fact, there was plenty of table space on the 1/72nd and even 1/35th armor side. A lot more could have been accommodated just by rearranging the display areas. Anyway, there will maybe be a Torcan show in September and apparently a decision will be posted in the next two weeks. Fingers crossed.

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