Hobby Boss General Dynamics YF-16 A

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Hello Fiends,

This time, i'm showing here a kit that I built many years ago, where my skills weren't so good yet, and still aren't (always improving and learning), but I was already mastering some camouflage with airbrush with hands free, without masks. This YF-16A, one of the first evaluation and development prototypes of the fighting falcon, captivated my mind as a boy. I still have a book "US war machine" where exactly this plane appeared, with these markings and this different camouflage scheme. I found several photos of the exact plane, for reference, and an academy kit with this exact version. however the academy kit was very simple, so i found a , and used the academy decals. The weathering wasn't quite mastered by me at this time (10 years ago), making it a very clean kit. But the end result pleased me, reminding me of the plane from my childhood photos. Here it is..hope you like it, plus some research pictures from the original one, wich looks that exists until today.

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  1. Looks great to me. But the Hobby Boss kit looks more like a production Block 15 F-16A to me. The enlarged horizontal stabilizers and production style nose are what stand out.

  2. I don't think the lack of weathering detracts from a prototype like this. I imagine they stayed pretty clean. I did my YF-16 in the red, white and blue scheme glossy and showroom fresh! Is the Hobby Boss kit an actual YF-16 or did you have to modify it? (I did mine with the Monogram white box kit and if a better one was available I am now sad as the decals I used sold out so I can't do another unless I find some.)
    Your camouflage work on this is first rate BTW!

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  3. Looks great, Eduardo!
    As Josh says, the lack of weathering is not really a "lack" for a machine like this, which was kept pretty clean.

  4. Great looking Falcon, Eduardo @eduardomorcego
    Looking at the result, your skills were great already that time.
    Love the scheme of this F16.

  5. I've always wanted to build one of the prototype F-16s. You have done a really great job, especially on the red, white and blue version with it's crisp masking.

  6. Looks very nice - well done!

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