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A collection of shelf queens and leftovers 1/35

April 12, 2022 · in Diorama · · 20 · 1K

When the shelf of shame gets too full and the leftovers box overflows things like this happen. This started out as a way to use up a bunch of stuff laying around that I did not want to toss, and I started working on it with no specific plan, just figure it out as I went along. I did go thru a couple of iterations with it, there were figures and vehicles I thought would be really snazzy that turned out to just not work at all for the scene.

Tamiya's Gulashkannone is in there, a sweet little kit I picked up on a whim and did not know what to do with so it spent about three years on the shelf. ICM's V3000S truck made it in as well; it went on the shelf 3/4 finished because it was a vicious, fiddly little thing I had no concrete plans for and got tired of fighting with. Figures are a mix of Tammy and MiniArt and I don't remember where the nag came from. The well is made of foamboard insulation covered with joint compound and the bucket tower is made of some Evergreen styrene I found last time I swept the floor under the bench.

I got to develop some new techniques while working on the project, not the least of which is how to airbrush a horse that does not look like a five year old did it. There's more than one coat of paint on it I can tell ya that

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  1. Wonderful idea...Great saves, Mark!

  2. A nice reminder that "an army marches on its stomach." Great save!

  3. Great save indeed, Mark!
    And your usual excellent modeling skills!

    • Thanks brother, do you remember the old story that goes "If you give a thousand monkeys a thousand typewriters and a thousand years what will they come up with?"

  4. A great looking diorama, Mark @markh
    All the detailing and paintwork looks superb.
    Especially the horse did came out nicely, definitely not from a five year old, the brown shading is very realistic.

    • JB I've come to realize one can be the best builder there ever was but if one paints poorly the project will turn out thus. Accordingly I've been attempting to develop said skills in recent years.

      Thanks for the kind comments

  5. Great dio?
    Like the dirty on the truck- very convincing.
    Over all a well done scene!

    • Thanks brother I did the dusting with MIG enamel Kursk Earth thinned down perhaps 70% and sprayed at high pressure. The high pressure atomizes the mixture very well and adds to the translucent effect when doing multiple passes with light coats. I've found that it's best to run a coat, then wait for it to set up before doing another as when the mix is thinned down this much all you'll see is wet spots on the model that need to mostly dry out before opacity can be determined.

      This method may be rather coarse for braille scale, don't know as I've not tried it there

  6. Nice job and it is a great looking save.

  7. Nicely done Mark, very creative dio especially since you used bits and pieces from the shelf of shame.

  8. Very nice way to gives those kits a chance !

  9. Nothing like hot chow in the field. looks great!

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