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Under construction

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  1. Looking superb so far, Sandre!

    • Hi Spiros, how you doing? just starting... now comes the laborious part: fixing the sand, putting the vegetation... tomorrow is a holiday here in Brazil, so we will have a whole day to play... my luck is that my wife also does crafts works... so there's not much complaint

  2. Good start, Sandre @lima
    Looking forward to the end result.

    • John, as my grandmother would say, there is a great distance between the "wanting" and the "being" (sorry, that phrase in portuguese just sits a lot better.) ... i'd like this diorama be nice, but to be cool, I will have to work very hard... I think the most challenging will be the vegetation. I'm not going to use any aftermarket, I'm going do everything from zero... It's going to be my first try... But that's the real fun of this hobby...

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