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The brawlerTamiya Mitsubishi J2M3 Interceptor Raiden 1/48 scale

April 12, 2022 · in Aviation · · 13 · 1.1K

Mitsubishi has always seemed to me like a brawler, a boxer determined to throw punches no matter what. Short, stubby, lacking in agility - but packing a lot of heat. The old kit delivered a simple base for approaching this subject, nothing fancy but really enjoyable. I used the standard Tamiya paints, decals from the box and a little bit of weathering with oils to make it look dusty.

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  1. Incredible looking Jack, different George.
    Nice work, that Tamiya kit may be old but still seems like a great kit.

  2. Your "Jack" is a great rendition of a classic model kit. Superb job, and thanks for posting it.

  3. Well done! Nice pics as well.

  4. Excellent work on this Raiden, George @georgedamian

  5. Looks great! I think the Raiden may be my favorite Japanese interceptor - a real "brute" look to it.

  6. Very nice, Another George. I need one...for reasons

  7. Excellent Raiden, George!
    Looking absolutely superb!

  8. Very nice result on this old warhorse.

    Given that kits of this vintage have "less than stellar" fit (although some modern kits also come in this category), an old trick I learned back in the day to get canopies to look like they fit better than they did is to run a line of white glue around the base once it is glued in position. This fills up any gap, and the white glue dries clear so you don't see it. I pass this along to you for the next time.

  9. Stellar work, George! I have this kit in my build before I die stack with the Hasegawa and Arii versions, and you have done it proud. I'll add to Tom's comment above that the newer canopy glues (I use ZAP Canopy Glue Formula 560) are good solutions - the canopy will never come loose and the glue will fill and dry clear. These newer glues also good for smaller bits of PE and resin if the joining surfaces are gently roughened.

    • I use Ammo ultra glue, I dilute it with water until it is a dense liquid not a paste, and then I use a small paint brush to spread it on the edges of the canopy, it creates a strong bond.

  10. George, Bob, Gary, John, Greg, George, Spiros, Tom, Cristopher - thank you guys, glad you enjoyed it!

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