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Kinetic 1/48 T-45C Goshawk: Centennial of US Naval Aviation

May 22, 2022 · in Aviation · 11 · 1K

I have always appreciated the Bae HAWK design, and when it was modified into a US Naval Aviation Jet Trainer, I really wanted to get hold of a 1/48 T-45 at some point. Once Kinetic came on the scene with this kit, I knew I had to get it.

I was a bit disappointed with myself when preparing this article, that I did not take any shots during construction! I REALLY appreciated the full intake trunking, and general design of the kit. Some have said the intakes are an issue, but they weren't for me. The only weaker points of the kit for me, were: 1. the weak arrestor hook shape- it looked short shot, but I don't think it was. 2. The strake under the fuselage at the tail section was a bit thin, 3. The design and instructions for the fit of the main undercarriage door assembly was poor. I looked at about 20 images of the actual structure of the doors, particularly the tear drop shaped covers that are part of the door assembly. I did the best I could to improve them:

, ,

After referencing detail images online, I was able to improve the end of the hook:

I was able to get the Centenary of Naval Aviation boxing, and I like how both schemes were patterned after the Pre WW2 scheme. As you know, I went with the black/white scheme:

The white of the scheme is not white, but a mix of silver and white- I used Tamiya Acrylic white and silver mixed. Hope that you enjoyed the first of my series of three Bae Hawk derivatives.

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  1. Dan, I really like the Goshawks (and trainers in general). I was recently perusing through my Wolfpack "Redhawk" boxing thinking I'd build it soon. Needless you say this Centennial paint work is awesome, and the plane as it sits is just stunning. Thanks for sharing!

    • Great to hear from you Andrew, and thanks!
      I was very tempted to do the Redhawk markings, but when this boxing became available, I decided I wanted to do this scheme more! I still have the red/blue scheme decals spare if you wanted them...

      I have yet to show you pics of my 1:1 real CB100. I hope to pull the engine apart this coming Friday and try to grind my valves for a second time- on my first try, I don't think I ground them enough for a proper seat.

  2. Looks great, Dan. That mix of Tamiya silver and white is something I have never seen done before. The result is brilliant. The Centenary scheme is beautiful, another first for me as I didn't know the old Navy scheme was revived. Flawlessly done and a real treat for the eyes.

    • @coling - During 2011-12, there were five aircraft done in each of the main USN markings and/or camouflage schemes used through the century.

    • I was pretty scared to try the silver/white mix- and didn't even realize it was a mix until reading the Two bobs decals instructions. Two Bobs did the decals for this Kinetic boxing. I swear by Tamiya white for my kits as it doesn't yellow.
      I am particularly proud of the extra white decal striping I had to apply to border the black areas-the Two Bobs white edging wasn't as consistent as I would have liked.

  3. Nice work! Color scheme looks great! nice comparison with the Buffalo.

    • Thanks Robert- I debated between the red/blue scheme and the black one, but decided on the black as it reminded me of the Buffalo kit I built.

  4. Fantastic result, Dan!

  5. Great results, Dan @danfrombermuda
    You did great on the landing gear structure, quite a complex door system.

  6. Good choice on the scheme, and a fantastic build!

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