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Heller's 1/72 Hawker Hurricane Mk. IIC

June 2, 2022 · in Aviation · · 27 · 1.3K

An oldie but goodie, originally released this kit in 1977. This was my third build of this kit, my first was in 1978 and at the time I felt it was the best Mk. II in scale. Most of this build was straight out of the box but I did add some extras in the cockpit area. I enjoyed this build very much, the raised details does not bother me one bit.

I used Xtradecal sheet # X72113 and the Vellego RAF paints.

The following info was taken from the internet:
Hurricane Mk IIC AK/U BE643 – 213 Sqn - Egypt, Idku – April 1942 – (Flew by the Anglo Argentine pilot F/L Dudley Honor DFC).

Thank you!

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  1. Looking superb, Bob!
    Excellent job on the classic Heller!

  2. Nice job on this Bob , I really like the North Africa camo , that Azure blue looks great, well done sir

  3. She looks perfect, Bob @v1pro
    Although old, you clearly showed that it can yield into a great model.

    • Thank you John, this was my fourth Heller build in the past year and I feel that even though they are older kits, they do build up to represent their subjects rather well. Plus they are fun to build.

  4. Great work, love it!

  5. Nice work, Bob. Heller made some great kits.

  6. Looks awesome, Bob (@v1pro). Doesn't matter if it is British, German, or US...I love a desert paint scheme. Raised panels lines don't bother me either. They usually disappear under a coat of paint. Well done.

    • Thank you George, the desert scheme does adds to the look of the plane. Heller’s raised details are very fine and their later releases not overwhelming. It reminds me of Monogram’s fine raised details on their 1/48 scale kits.

  7. That turned out really well, Bob @v1pro. The added detail in the cockpit is nice. Good job !

    • Thank you Jay, I am glad that I added the little extra into the cockpit. It allowed me the leave the canopy open which is easier to do than try to have a perfect fit with the windshield.

  8. Another example of a great build from an older kit, Bob!
    Great looking Hurricane.

    • Thank you George, for its time Heller made a nice Hurricane. I am glad we can still buy these kits through Smer and not pay too much for them.

  9. Nice work - you brought this old kit to life! I like these old ones - simple to build but with a little elbow grease they can look as good as a new, high-priced kit!

  10. Nice one Bob. i like the older Heller kits as well. no school like the old school there is.

    • Bernard, thank you. Yes this old kit in my eyes is still a very nice kit and I am really enjoying the Heller kits that I have made this past year. Years ago I really did not appreciate their kits very much, now I love them.

  11. Nicely done Bob, it does look good, I must build another myself.

    2 attached images. Click to enlarge.

  12. Looks great, Bob!

  13. Fine work. Your camo scheme looks just right.

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