ONE DAY CHALLENGEAirfix 1/72nd P40 Warhawk

June 11, 2022 · in Aviation · · 21 · 1.2K

So, whilst trying to find new video ideas for my channel, i came up with this idea. this is my effort for the one day challenge. The aircraft is freehand airbrushed with paints, and lightly weathered using Tamiya smoke and Tamiya panel liners. I wanted to do more weathering with oils, but time ran out.

I made a boo-boo with the decals, the roundal on the body is too far back and not quite straight, but i had cut the decals to help it settle before i realised, so taking it up and re-placing it was not an option.

I would love to see a few more poeple taking part in this, just for fun!
Rules for the one day challenge if you wish to partake:

1.) The kit must be started and complete within 24 hours.
2.) You can use any materials and techniques you wish, but the work must be stopped as soon as the 24 hours are up. (Photography is not classed as part of the 24hr period).

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  1. Well done, @fow_models. You picked a great kit to do in 24 hours. I have built a couple of these kits and they go together well. I would be hard-pressed to finish a kit in 24 hours, so I will leave the challenge to you young people. Cheers.

  2. Nice work on that! I need to try to build one in 24 hrs one of these days. When I was a kid, I built them in an afternoon…….

  3. It takes me 24 hours to read the instructions!

    Nice work!

  4. Well done. Mine would have a thumb print in it fer sure..

  5. Well done, Tam! Amazing result for only 24 hours!

  6. Great result, Tam @fow_models
    Especially if you consider this is just 1/72 and done in 24 hours.

  7. Interesting and valid idea. I think this can work on single engine propeller or 2 engine Jets.
    I focus on kits one hour at a time usually .Maybe with the help of some strong coffee drinks over the day with rest stops in between. I’ll let you know !

    • I think some of the smaller Revell car kits might work too. i have a nice shelby mustang with only about 50 parts, i recon that could be done in a day, but i have that earmarked for my next group build in my Discord server

  8. We Use to do this kind of contest in my Club... can I post one of those contestant? With similar name will be something like this:
    Hasegawa 1/72nd Shidenkai George

  9. Very nice for a day's work, Tam 🙂 The Airfix P-40 is an ideal kit for this type of challenge.

    There's a forum I belong to (the Unofficial Airfix Modellers Forum) which runs 'model-in-24-hours' group builds every year, which are referred to as 'Blitzbaus'. I've taken part a few times (one of them, an Airfix Wildcat, is posted on this site: They're always a lot of fun and a good challenge, and always leaves me wondering why, if I can build a model in 24 hours, can I only manage 6 or 7 completions a year?

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