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Hobbyboss 1/35 M911 C-HET

December 19, 2022 · in Armor · · 16 · 1K

Tank carriers models are impressive. The is even more so because it looks real.

By comparison to the counterpart, Hobbyboss' HET has its advantages and disadvantages. Generally, the model is less detailed and somewhat less accurate. Hobbyboss made shortcuts and simplified some of the sub-assembly units. The quality of molding is inferior to Meng with flash and ejector sink holes in places. Wires representing winch and hydraulic cables are not suitable to the scale and appropriate textures. Supporting wheels are designed only for the loaded position, but can be modified for both positions thanks to the simplified structure. (Meng's HET however, can be built only in either position.)

The advantages of Hobbyboss' HET is that it is about third of the price less than Meng's. Tires are from vinyl and are less likely to crack. And finally, the trailer wheels, The wheels are heavy and are properly secured to the axels. Meng's model has vinyl hubs for free wheel movements resulting in loose connections to the axels. When connected to the tractor, the wheels touch the ground like the are suppose to. I found that Meng's front trailer axels have a too short base (approx. 2mm) given that the height of the tractor's hitch base plate is identical in both models.

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  1. Fantastic work on this, Rafi! Very realistic result. Looking really mean! Thanks for the kit details and the comparison with the Meng.

  2. Really great work, Rafi @blackmopane
    This M911 from HobbyBoss does indeed look very real, most of it of course realized by your modelling skills.

  3. You’re right, Ravi, they do indeed make for impressive, realistic models, especially in your hands. For twenty years before I moved to China I lived in the town where Thorneycrofts were made, they even had their own museum.

  4. Great job, Rafi. Well done on the overall look. They definitely look look rugged and ready to go to work.

  5. What a beast! Great job.

  6. Great work! I hope mine turns-out half as well.

  7. Thank you Richard.
    Enjoy the build.

  8. That is one serious monster of a truck. Terrific.

  9. Wow these look incredible Rafi Ben-Shahar (@blackmopane), amazing work, they are impressive trucks and you've made them look very realistic.

  10. Thank you Anthony

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