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Mobutu's Mirage V in 1:48

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  1. Biafra Invader
  2. Mobutu's Mirage V in 1:48

Here is one I finished up recently it's the old V 1:48 kit finished in the colours of the air force of the now defunct state of Zaire ( DR Congo).
Despite FM reputation this went together reasonably well and without too much fuss. I rescribed all the old Heller wing parts but the FM fuselage just needed a little cleaning up. Lots of resin and white metal to give this some weight. They do n't make kits like this any more.

As for the subject and colour scheme I used the old Carpena ( under the monicker Colorado Decals ) set 48.01 Chad 1983-1986 which features French warplanes fighting in Chad with some help form Zaire. I had always wanted to do this a/c just for the fablous colours and am rather happy with the result. The wing tanks need to be fitted.

Another one for my collection

13 additional images. Click to enlarge.

17 responses

  1. A beautiful addition to your Africa collection, Brian @info4
    This scheme suites the Mirage very well, nicely applied.

  2. Excellent work, Brian. I love seeing stuff like this.

  3. Excellent model, Brian! Love the chosen scheme, which you represented spotlessly!

  4. Very, VERY nicely done. Camo mob really sets if off perfectly.

  5. Great looking Mirage. Love the livery too!

  6. Unique looking Mirage!

  7. I love the unusual and generally colorful schemes that S. American and African militaries put on their aircraft! This one looks great - similar to an Ecuadorian Kfir I did not too long ago. Keep up the good work!

  8. Yes Greg the similarities with the Ecuadorian Kifir is certainly very strong but Mobutu got there first ?

  9. Well done, Brian (@info4). Completing an FM kit is remarkable in itself, and your paint and finish make this a stand-out.

  10. Beautiful Camo work. Makes the subject stand out.

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