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Biafra B25 Mitchell

Here is one of two B25's used briefly at the start of the Biafra War of 1967-1970. Scale 1:72. This is the old Italeri kit modified and panel lines engraved. Weathering kept to a minimum as these things were not in use for long.

Ratel on the Lomba

Here is my Baxmod 1:35 Ratel 90 of SADF finished as an Operation Moduler vehicle. I was inspired by a book I picked up in South Africa in 2018 "Ratels on the Lomba". This is primarily a resin kit and its has a full interior [...]

Desert Messerschmitt 109s and yellowing decals

Aircraft models do not fly but, time does. During the 90s Hasegawa's Bf 109 variants at the 1/48th scale were popular among modelers. Some Messerschmitt models that I built then included 109s depicting aircraft serving in the North African [...]

Uganda Mig17 F

Another Smer/ Airifx/ Mister Craft 1:48 finished as a Ugandan Mig17 F. These are old, clunky, cheap but well engineered kits and this is my third one. No filler involved at all. I did replace the arment with turned brass as the pitot [...]

Mobutu's Mirage V in 1:48

Here is one I finished up recently it's the old FM Mirage V 1:48 kit finished in the colours of the air force of the now defunct state of Zaire ( DR Congo). Despite FM reputation this went together reasonably well and without too much [...]

Biafra Invader

Here is an Italeri 1:72 A26B Invader, Biafra 1967. The standard A26B was modified to represent the unique nose, the a/c had been used in France as a radar calibration/survey a/c. I had to improvise for the colours and decals. Both the [...]