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Ex-paddy pat living in the Low Country, as a wise man once said you come for the women and stay for the kids !
I have been modelling since I was a kid and picked it up again as an adult during a brief period of unemployment nearly thirty year again and have used it to keep me sane ever since.

My interest has evolved over the years ;from general all-rounder onto specialised in Luftwaffe WWII Night fighters and actually made models and dioramas with Atlantik Wall bunkers and Luftwaffe ground radar for a local museum. Eventually I got sick of RLM 74/75/76 on every bloody thing and build just about anything now.

Special interest now is anything Irish, but I am very Catholic in my taste and find everything of interest. Modelling to me has to tell a story otherwise it’s just painted plastic so the history of what I build is important to me.

Mig 17F Angola (1;48 Smer/ Airfix)

Gents and Ladies, Here is an older kit I did a while back its the 1:48 Smer/ Airifix kit of the Mig 17F. I used Tom Coopers African Migs as reference for the background info and photos. I drew up the decals for bort numbers and printed [...]

Not another bloody Me 262 …yup its the Me 262A-1a/U4 W.Nr. 111899 flown by Major Willi Herget for JV 44, April 1945 Riem, Bavaria

Here is a Me 262A-1a/U4 W.Nr. 111899 flown by Major Willi Herget for JV 44, April 1945 Riem, Bavaria Its the old Dragon kit which still looks the job. Thos who have buil it know that the upper wing to fuselage fit is not 100% but by [...]

Biafra Invader

Here is an Italeri 1:72 A26B Invader, Biafra 1967. The standard A26B was modified to represent the unique nose, the a/c had been used in France as a radar calibration/survey a/c. I had to improvise for the colours and decals. Both the [...]

Hasegawa Kawasaki Ki-61 Hien 1:48

Here is one I finished up last year ; its Hasegawa's 1/48 Ki-61-i Tei Hien . I bought it as part of a double boxing along with its sister Ki-100 I Otsu. I finished it up as a Chinese Nationalist aircraft just to have a different one from [...]

ESCI Mirage F1AZ 1:48

This is my second contribution, and it ties in with my first ; it’s the Mirage F1 AZ in 1:48 of the South Africa Air Force (SAAF) during the early eighties. This a/c was crucial in lending tactical air-ground support to the various SADF [...]

Eduard’s Mirage III CZ SAAF 1982 in 1:48

My first post here on Imodeler! Just a few pics of this lovely kit. It is Eduard's Mirage III CZ SAAF 1982 in 1:48. I used the Profipack version and finished it in the kit decals for nr. 800 2 Eskader/ 2 Squadron of the SAAF Waterkloof [...]