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P-40M and P-40N, Italeri, AMT/Ertl

July 16, 2022 · in Aviation · · 24 · 1.1K

Greetings, fellow modelers.

I added to my P-40 collection in order to include a Nationalist Chinese and an Australian P-40M; a salute to America's Pacific and Asian allies. Both planes are identical in the box, despite the different brand names, with the exception that the box comes with clear parts to build either a M or N variant of the plane (kudos to them for having that choice). The kit only comes with clear parts for the N.

I bought the M variant in started condition (2nd Pic) , and the seller had not cut the fuselage to accommodate the N clear parts, so he sold it online (I believe). Since I had the M clear pieces extra (thanks to Italeri), it was a win/win.

The Chinese P-40N represents aircraft White 663 flown by Lt Wang Kuang Fu in the 3rd FG, Chinese American Composite Wing, in the 14th Air Force. Many of the 14th AF P-40s had a RDF loop antenna installed as a field mod, and I had a part that looked like one in my spares box. Lt Wang was an ace but did not have kill markings on his plane. Decals were by Techmod (48054).

The Australian P-40M represents serial A-29-305, MP K, an 86 Squadron plane flown by Flt Lt Bob Whittle and had 2 kill markings. It was stationed at Merauke, New Guinea in early 1944. Decals were from various spare decal sheets, and it currently lacks the "305" portion of the serial. Time to search for that on-line, but I wanted to post the two planes like a "Dual Combo" kit.

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  1. Both look fantastic, Bob!
    Well done!

  2. Two great looking P40s, Bob @bobd56az
    They are a great addition to your collection.

  3. Nice job on your two builds, I love your P-40 collection!

  4. G'day Bob (@bobd56az),
    It is great to see an Aussie P-40 build.
    I'm impressed to see the mult-national brood of P-40s you have there.
    I have a few in the stash but not yet built.


    • Great hearing from you in Melbourne, Michael and glad you liked the RAAF paint scheme. It is hard to post a new camo/marking scheme on this site, with so many P-40 articles already up.

  5. Very nice. By the looks of the line up is this in 1/72 ?
    The P-40 is perhaps the first plane type kids get to know. Nothing like having sharks Teeth to get attention !

  6. Bob: Two fine additions to your very impressive gaggle of P-40s.

  7. Terrific collection of kits and builds, Bob. The effect is stunning. I prefer the Mauve to the AMT kits, but you've done a splendid job on all on these. Congratulations!

  8. Both are great builds! I like the Chinese scheme.

    • Thanks, Robert. I think the CACW P-40s had the most garish shark mouths of all the CBI planes. It helps to distract from a couple of errors that made their way into my build.

  9. Both look great Bob! I have a special affection for P-40's and yours look fabulous. Keep up the good work!

  10. Well done Bob, both look great. And yes the M and N models of the P-40 are pretty much identical in outward appearance except for the canopy. Nice collection of P-40's I always enjoy building then, so far 22 to date.

    • Thanks, Tom. Life got busy and I got a bit rushed and didn't get to go back and correct a couple of issues - e.g. OD green is too dark on the ROCAF N version. Hopefully life will slow down a bit for my next project. Have a great weekend!

  11. Well done, Bob. The only thing better than a well-done P-40 is two well-done P-40s.

  12. Muchas gracias, George!

  13. Nice work, Bob. AMT P-40s are always pleasing projects.

  14. Nice looking P40's and I like the fact that its an actual Chinese pilot flying a Chinese marked plane.

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